An Evening Flow with David Procyshyn

There wasn’t a Comment section under this class so I’m posting a comment here. I really enjoyed this class by David Procyshyn. Because of my schedule, I often have to practice yoga around 8 or 9 pm. This is a perfect class for that time of the day, and I’m looking for other classes that are similar to this one. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.


Thanks for pointing out the missing comment section, @mb8649. It’s been fixed now. So if you don’t receive any suggestions here, feel free to post the same message on the class page.

Thanks for alerting me to this class. I too practice in the evenings and have been doing David’s beginner flow class so will check out his evening flow class too. I practice before bed, except Fridays and Saturdays when I can practice in the day. I find the evening practice really grounding and notice the difference in my body and mind if I miss a few days.

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This class sounds amazing, but I’m not able to find it (I did a filtered search of classes by instructor). Guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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Try above link. I only have phone now so hope my copy paste works.

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