Beginner II/Intermediate I Vinyasa Class Recommendations

Hey there everyone! I’m new to DYWM thanks to the coronavirus, so I’m very much missing my favorite yogis right now.

I really enjoy Vinyasa & Power Flow Yoga. Sun salutations, warrior flows and the like with some balance poses added in. My skill level is hovering between Beginner II & Intermediate I. My legs and shoulders are still very tight but are starting to loosen up. Thank you to Clare & David for giving me tips on how to search the classes! Thus far, my search mostly leads back to Fiji McAlpine’s classes. Luv ya Fiji, but I was wondering what other instructors the DYWM community might recommend with a similar practice/focus. Please & thank you!
~ Andy C.

In addition to Fiji, I love Rachel Scott’s classes. Some of them are too advanced for me today, but she has a bunch that are quite accessible imho. Melissa Krieger, Tracy Noseworthy, and Ron Stewart also show up a lot in my bookmarks. I have a number of David’s classes in there too especially the ones that target specific areas like the low back. Every so often I try to work through one of the programs on the site, that usually exposes me to teachers I may not have tried before. Good luck, I hope you find many classes that will work for you.

(Also I apologize if I misspelled any names, please forgive me)

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Thank you so much, Rapazina! Namaste!

You’re welcome, Andy! It looks like @rapazina has given you lots to work with. Let us know if you have any other specific questions.