Back to yoga post hernia surgery

I’m a man over 60 and am four weeks post-umbilical hernia surgery - full recovery, no limitations in activities. Is your Back to Health Senior 30-Day Challenge the best option for me to get going again (I’m an experienced beginning)? Would anyone suggest a different series or challenge? I’m up for a 30-day thing to get back into the swing. Thanks - Craig


Hi Craig. If you have no limitations in activity you may find the seniors challenge to be too easy, particularly if you are an experienced beginner. The Be Strong and Flexible Beginner 30-Day Challenge may suit you well. It begins with classes that focus on the fundamentals, then branches out into a greater variety of slightly more challenging classes.

Thanks for your thoughts - I’m trying that out now!

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This is an old thread but hopefully my experience can help someone in the future. I had hernia surgery some time ago and got the “no restrictions” approval from the doctor. I do a lot of sports and found that as I restarted activities, no activities hurt except for yoga.

My hernia repair was done with mesh and staples. I found that back-arching poses, like cobra and updog, put a strain on the repair area and I didn’t really feel the discomfort until the following day. It took a few sessions for me to realize the connection. For about 6 months, I either skipped back-arching poses or went super gently and things were fine. After that, I stretched a little deeper each time until full range movements no longer created discomfort.

Based on my experience, for 3-6 months following hernia surgery I’d recommend avoiding the back-arching poses and not laying on your stomach on a hard surface. Give your body time to join with the staples and mesh.