Yoga after hip surgery

I had 3 screws put in my left hip.
Are there any poses I will never be able to do again? I was an intermediate student. Right now it is only a week after the surgery and I am doing exercises the physical therapist gave me with ankle weights.

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Hi there. Thanks for posting.
With hip surgery I think it’s best to advice from your physical therapist. They are much better qualified and can give you a sense of the range of motion that you can move your hip through without risk.
Once you get some advice, post it here and I would be happy to suggest a few classes for you.

I asked my physical therapist. It is too early to do any yoga. She said that because I have screws in my hip, there may be some restrictions from the position of the screw or the way it healed. On the other hand, there may be no restrictions at all. She said the only way I would know would be to try a pose and back off if I felt any stress or discomfort. She also said full healing may take up to an entire year.

On the positive side, she said my range of motion is very good, and has been since the beginning. She attributes that to my being active and fit before my accident. She thinks I will get back almost all, if not all, of the mobility I had before. I hope so! I really miss yoga.

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That sounds very positive! I sounds to me like you can start doing yoga - perhaps doing gentle classes first - and judge whether you are able to do certain poses by how you feel during and after you do them. The next day will be a good indicator, since it gives your body time to adjust and respond.