Yoga With Inguinal Hernia

Hi All,

Looking for a couple of class recommendations while I await surgery for the above.

Anything that puts strain on the lower abs/groin is a big no no, so lunges etc are out of the question.

I’ve been doing a lot of core strength stuff on my own to take the strain off the area, but I am very bored with it.

Any tips greatly appreciated.

Hi Tony,

I am sorry to hear that this has limited your practice but happy to hear you will have treatment too. I often reccommend that prior to a treatment like surgury, students take it easy and remember that there will be time for practice after. That being said, there are some poses that area actually helpful for this type of hernia. Gentle inversions take pressure off the area which can be a good thing, legs up the wall with a block under the pelvis or other inversions you are comfortable with. This might be a time to explore some restorative practices also

Hi Fiji,

Thanks for this. It’s very helpful. Did one of the restorative classes yesterday, it was very good :slight_smile:

Hopefully, come February I’ll have had the surgery (NHS/Covid permitting) and be on my way to recovery.


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