Sangha Session 2: "In what ways has DYWM helped you in your life?"

This is our second Sangha Session, which are community dialogues about interesting, yoga-related and sometimes personal topics. They take place every second week. Our second Sangha question is:

“In what ways has DYWM helped you in your life?”

So many ways…

  • Reignited my passion for yoga three years ago after many years where it had been on & off
  • Encouraged me to set up online lunch yoga classes at work with approx. 8 colleagues/week
  • Built confidence in my yoga practice to the point that I started UK yoga alliance teacher training
  • Enabled me to find a way to incorporate yoga into my life after my boys were born 2 years ago
  • Ultimately changed my life for the better!

i was looking for a way to start an exersize routine. i was experiencing the aches and pains of getting older. yoga is helping me improve my balance and fitness. thank you DYWM for always being a friendly face and an encourager of my slow progress.


I’ve already written on this in the past but the website quite simply gave me the opportunity to get into yoga which has been a central part of my recovery from addiction. Without it I never would have developed a regular practice as I was never going to make it to a weekly class in order to learn. I’m nearing 40 and now in better physical shape than when I was 20 and so from that I’ve got not only the sense of peace that I get when I practice but also the self-respect I have from having pushed through and kept going with it. I feel good in my body and I know that I look after my body now, I don’t harm myself. I’m way fitter than when I first found one of the beginner classes on youtube and started doing it regularly.
I feel like I know the teachers now, especially Fiji, Tracey and Christa. I wouldn’t know where else to go online for yoga quite honestly because I love the site, it is straightforward and honest without an pretense. How it’s helped me is by giving me the gift of yoga which is one of the best things in my life.


DYWM has allowed me to do yoga at my own pace, in my own time, in my own home. It’s helped me with aches, pains, and stiffness. It’s helped carve out some time for me to relax. It’s been a model to my family of exercise and a healthful part of my life. I’m so grateful!


Life is a journey of self discovery and I’m elated that my travelling companion has been DYWM for the past several years. Helping me discover what my core values are in life, having the integrity to stand up for what I believe in and finding the courage to let go of what it is I think is expected of me. (very tough when you’re a serial people pleaser)

DYWM took me to an advanced level, courtesy of the usual suspects; Fiji, Tracy, Rachel & Crista. Then right back to beginner level following 5 lumpectomies and eventually a mastectomy in 2015, it served as a significant benchmark in my recovery process and helped me rediscover how beneficial the slower, hatha and yin classes are. The journey has humbled me and regard all the teachers on DYWM as mentors with their words of wisdom.

Like many others, I am attempting to carve out a healthier lifestyle in the midst of the competitive western society, I would say DYWM has been integral in the gradual shift towards individuals taking responsibility for their own health by generously offering yoga video’s for free to everyone!

It’s helped me to be that irritating person that insists yoga can fix anything. It’s helped my Mum with her bad back, my partner with his osteoarthritis, my brother after doing the London marathon, most of my friends, some colleagues, neighbours and of course my cats.

I’m also blessed with high levels of anxiety and regularly visit the DYWM meditation page and David’s programme on Chronic Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

See you on my cat shredded mat!


One of the barriers for a lot of people that are trying to exercise is the driving time. After a long day I work, i personally won’t get back in my car to drive to the gym or a studio for anything…DYWM allows me to have one less excuse :wink: I don’t have to go anywhere!


I’ve been living with stage 4 cancer for 20 years. Finding DYWM was a godsend. Because of my never-ending treatments, I know I need to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. This site has helped me do that by providing less taxing classes when I’m not feeling well and more challenging classes when I’m feeling up to it. David P is my favorite instructor. His calming voice and clear instructions has given me motivation to log in nearly every day. Thank you.


DYWM has become my little pocket of peace; a sanctuary that’s just for me and my practice. I was so in awe of the site when I first heard about it, I couldn’t believe there were these amazing people offering free, really, really good yoga classes online. Now I am committing to a daily practice starting again with the basics in the Beginner challenges and occasionally adding a vigorous Intermediate class into the mix. I like the teachers I’ve practiced with so far and I am now enjoying commenting on the posts and becoming a part of the community. Thank you, thank you DYWM, I couldn’t be more grateful for all that you do!