Ongoing intermediate program

I really learned a lot from the Ongoing Intermediate program. The various instructors had their own way of teaching. So sometimes it was like a workshop with lots of tips and techniques. Rachelle offered a great deal of tips and broke down poses by steps. As well as David, Rod and others.

I did all the classes on my own timetable. I took rest days as shown or I did two short practices together. I liked the idea of doing some practices two or three times throughout this program so that I could make a stronger imprint on my mind and body connection.

There is one thing that might be incorporated in the intermediate program and that is some restorative yoga during the rest days. This would keep me coming to my mat everyday through the program but still offering some kind of rest for students. Also restorative can help with breathing and stretching out muscles worked during the program. Through in some Yin practice too.

I consider myself as a beginner moving into intermediate and I’m looking forward to seeing how this program helps me as I continue on.

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Great to hear of your progress, Mary Rose! I’m really excited for you. And thank you for the feedback. That means a lot.
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