Programs and Challenges

The launch of this forum is good timing since we’ll also be launching a number of new programs and challenges in 2017, including the subscriber-only 14-Day Push Your Limits Advanced Yoga Challenge that we are posting on June 1st. If you try our programs or challenges, share with us here!

Really excited to see an advanced challenge! Going to start this one today :slight_smile: Thanks guys, I have so much love for this site and all the wonderful teachers


Started the advanced challenge a few days ago! Excited for Day 4 today! Have fun :smile:

Hi there! Today I started doing the Establish Your Core Stability and Strength Program. I completed Day 1 Three Part Breath. I really enjoyed it and was able to relax and sink into my body. I just have a question. When doing Ujjayi breathing, do you hold your inhales and exhales? Or should it be more like a constant flow of breath?


Good to hear! It’s great to establish the fundamentals as you progress in yoga.

In general, depending on the purpose of the pranayama you could either have a constant flow to the breath or hold in and out. In that particular video though, it would be best to have a constant flow since holding the breath in and out can encourage the body to tense. It isn’t a problem if you end up holding in/out, but it isn’t the intent.

Hi there, I am planning to start the new program for stress, anxiety and depression. But I would also like to continue doing the more physical yoga classes which I today do about two to three a week. How would you suggest I plan this? Grateful for any advice :pray:t3:

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