Clicks and pops, is this normal?


Since building up a daily vinyasa practice I’ve noticed that my body does a lot of clicking and popping between joints, particularly in my hips and spine. When I stretch in the morning or during the day this happens. It’s not so much painful clunky sounds, it doesn’t hurt but is new. Is this normal with a daily practice? Why does it happen?


I’ll leave one of the teachers to respond with a pro opinion on this. For me, especially in the mornings I have pops and clicks from time to time. For me it’s never painful and I love it as it feels as tho my body’s realigning itself from no doubt being in the wrong position. If it’s painful when clicking etc maybe it’s something to be concerned about. Otherwise embrace it as a benefit.


Pop’s &/or clicks may not be a good thing. They may be caused by gas in the joints or cartilage. Best to get a doctors oppinion.


Clicks and pops are generally nothing to worry about, unless they are accompanied by pain. Ckosulin is right, it seems like they are caused by gas in the joints, that move when the body moves. Like anything, just be aware of not pushing your body past the point of discomfort.