Hip Flexor issues/"Snapping hip"

Hi everyone!
Ok. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a long time, and so I’ll try to make this as concise as possible.

I’ve long had issues with my Hip Flexors. They are basically always tight - possibly even chronically shortened - they make an audible “popping” sound if, let’s say, I’m lying on my back with my legs straight in the air, and then lower my feet down to the ground (the sound happens on the way down). The closest thing I’ve found to describe it is something called “Snapping Hip Syndrome.” One cause of this is from playing years of soccer as a youth (which I did).

Firstly, I’m reaching out to ask if anyone else has dealt with this issue, and what your experience has been? Have you found any solution?

Secondly, I’m curious about Yoga poses to help with this issue. As it is, I actually don’t struggle with any positions that stretch the hip flexor area, and they actually feel pretty awesome. I’m a runner, as well, and between the two I feel like I usually stretch them pretty regularly.
– I feel I should add that Yoga Squat (contraction), on the other hand, is actually a serious challenge for me. I can only manage it if my feet are turned way out, and moving the knees toward each other from there to transition to sitting? NO WAY. Monstrous pain. Also I’m not even sure they can move that way…

And lastly, I’m looking for even more advice: I’m assuming it’s related, but whenever I am attempting something like Boat Pose, my hip flexors are always feeling far-overworked and tight long before my abs have had enough. I’ve hoped that, over time, the issue would balance out, but after over 3 years of very regular practice, I’m wondering if there is a posture adjustment that I could make or that I’ve missed?

Please excuse me for so many different questions and such a long post. I’ve been researching this issue for such a long time and not yet found any clear answers, so I decided it was time to reach out. Any thoughts at all are tremendously appreciated! Thank you so much!


Hi there.

It sounds to me like:

  • Your hip flexors (psoas and quads) are super tight and

  • Your core is not helping the hip flexors enough when lifting your legs (like in boat pose)

It’s hard to tell what is causing the snapping, but the fact that you find relief when you stretch your hip flexors is telling me that you should do that more, along with better engaging and strengthening your core.

Here are a few videos that would help a lot. The first is a really good quadricep stretch. The 2nd is a great class that combines core strength and hip flexor flexibility and the third is a program that teaches you core strength.

Quadricep Stretch - Against the Wall

Yoga for Cyclists

Establish Your Core Strength and Stability

We have a lot of other resources that would help. If you search on ‘hip flexor’ you will find a lot more.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Have fun!


Hi David,

Thanks so much for your response to little rad.bit. I too suffer from tight hip flexors and went to look at the Quadricep Stretch video. The timing says that it’s 3:19 seconds but for me, it was only a :19-second video. It stops after the directive of putting your hands on the ground. Thought you might want to know :slight_smile:

  • Deanna