Did you like our April Fool's Day Announcement?

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That was fun! It seemed so real, with the page graphics & you’ve been mentioning working on website improvements. But I was perplexed over the “FOR” you part … so I continued watching. I was searching for a button for that $5 deal for the first 20 people! Looks like everyone had fun making the video!

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Listen, if there was a chance you guys were going to come over to the Isle of Man and do Yoga For Me, I was willing to pay 5 bucks !! Thanks for the smile today :smile:

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You guys totally made my day!! Well done DYWM. The whole time I was watching the video I was thinking, Who on earth would want to do this??? I had completely forgotten it was April Fool’s Day. Thanks for the laugh! Love you guys!


Ahaha you so much got me, wtf!!!
I saw this for, and thought, what kind of new Idea they have? Like some kind of yoga buddies site online experience or something

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My cheque (I am Canadian) for $1000.00 is on its way … once I get off my mat! Great way to start the day.
Running Prophet

Loved this pranked!! Was curious, then realized the day, but remained hopeful someone else would workout for me today. My husband and I laughed, so thank you! Well done!!

That was great! You knew I would jump at any chance to get more yoga in my life. Love your site and everything you do to bring more peace and live into the world!

Oh man. I was so confused. I almost closed it all down but then was like “what the heck” and clicked on the Join button to see if there was more info that would make sense of it all. Did NOT see that coming. :laughing:

I absolutely LOVED this. It seems people have such a diminished sense of humor these days, and life is challenging and can be so hard, I loved the fact you did this at all just as much as I enjoyed your funny video. Thank you for this wonderful site.

I am in the process of moving and did not realize it was April 1 today!!!
You really got me. Although I wish I could do what you can. That was fun and a great start for the day

OMG…that was so funny…Loved it

That was funny! Thanks.

Well don’t I feel silly? I kept wondering what was going on and where you were going with this and then I got it! I really did not expect that! Well done! But what a deal! 5 dollars!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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That took me way too long before I started laughing at my gullibility. Something about David’s earnestness just sold me. Well done!

Hahahaha! Ohh my, that was the best April Fools joke I had ever I think! So confusing I was like, but HOW do that work??? I am still laughing…!!!

Really funny! Totally fell for it. I would have loved it for one of you guys to come to the Netherlands :wink:

The Redeem button did not work for me. It said: This offer is only available to new subscribers, but we appreciate your continued support. Please stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times. Namaste!

I’m glad you liked it! I would also love to go to the Netherlands. :slight_smile:

Regarding the message that you received… the free 2 months can only be redeemed if you are currently not a subscriber.

I hope you stay safe as well.


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Thank you David. I must have read it wrong. No problem!

And always welcome in my home.


That’s sweet! Thank you.

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