Do the instructors do any other type of strength training?

Hi, I’m wondering if the teachers do any other sort of strength training such as lifting weights? I want to tone my body and build muscle and I love doing yoga but I don’t know if this is enough.


Doing yoga is a beautiful accompaniment to more mainstream and vigorous types of exercise like weights and running (though yoga can be vigorous too!!). It can be the yin to the more yang energy of those pursuits. I’m a big fan of doing resistance training/lifting weights. It does not bulk you up which is a common misconception! I find weight training and the feeling of strength that comes with it makes me feel very grounded. I’d highly recommend lifting weights even just twice a week to integrate with your yoga practice; you will see a difference.

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I don’t do any weight training but I play sports and run. Yoga is enough for me for toning and strengthening, particularly if you can practice vinyasa or more challenging hatha classes a few days a week.

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