Do you feel a yoga buzz?


What is it about yoga that gives me such a buzz? I did a DYWM on Weds am then a power yoga studio class at lunchtime. I was on such a high for the rest of the day and was even still buzzing while doing the most mundane chore, the ironing that evening! Meyer it’s just me but there’s no other activity that makes me feel that way. Do others feel a yoga buzz after classes? if so, how does it feel for you? And have you experienced it even when doing chores like ironing clothes?!


Yes I feel what you’re saying, yoga makes you feel really good and perhaps it is to do with unblocking the energy lines of your body? Also combined with the hit of endorphins you get from normal exercise. And the fact that it is a meditation (especially when combined with yin / restorative). I was in the street yesterday, it was raining (England) on an early morning and I thought about how alive I feel when everyone else is looking very glum and like they aren’t really noticing what’s going on around them. Even on a bad day i feel fairly good and yoga is most of why.
I would love for someone with the knowledge to give an answer to why it does that too!


I like the sound of it unblocking energy lines, combined with endorphin
rush. I totally understand what you’re saying though about feeling so
upbeat when all around seem to be down in the dumps. I’ve started running
lunchtime classes at work once per week - today in fact I ran two sun
salutation classes for nine of my colleagues in total. Feeling the buzz for
myself is one thing, but now sharing that with others and seeing them
feeling the same is pretty amazing.

Btw, being in England and it raining… almost a given :slight_smile:


I feel the most amazing feeling of calm. Things that used to bother me don’t. I’m more positive and kind to myself. I don’t feel the desire to overeat or have that bottle of wine, my brain already feels pleasure. Love it


that’s great to hear Susan. I agree that yoga provides so much fulfilment in life that those wants, needs, cravings for more don’t seem so important. i practice most days nowadays, and those days where I don’t practice, I really notice how it makes me feel physically and mentally. It’s sure addictive!


I feel like myself. Often times I am weighed down with the struggles and stress of the day. Yoga brings me back to me. I feel like it lifts the weight off my body and soul.