DYWM YTT with physical impairment

I’ve really been drawn to doing the Yoga Teacher Training but have a slight doubt about whether or not I can offer what’s needed to become a teacher.
Long story short, when I was a small child I was in a car crash which shattered my right femur. Everything was fixed but as I grew my leg slightly twisted outwards which I generally compensate for very successfully in everyday life. In fact you couldn’t tell from watching me that anything was different .

The big issue I have is that for most seated poses I cannot sit cross legged and usually sit with my right leg stretched out in front of me (left leg is fine and super flexible) or I sit on my heels(every time a teacher says " now move into easy pose" I inwardly sigh and feel a bit self conscious). So I find myself having to adjust a lot of poses but that can throw out their symmetry. It’s also impossible to bring my right leg forward from downward dog during sun salutations, I swing it around rather than kick forward.
I’d like to stress that this isn’t a matter of flexibility, if I try to sit cross legged it’s literally bone against bone, no room to give!
I hope this doesn’t come across as whiny, I just want to know what peoples thoughts are on being taught by someone who can’t demonstrate some of the basic poses themselves.

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Every yoga class I have been to is filled with a certain “type” of person and is usually taught by that same type. As someone who doesn’t fit that mold, I always feel a little awkward in class. I would love to see more teachers that don’t fit that mold either. Yoga is great for anyone no matter their height, weight, race, or physical impairment. I think it would be inspiring and encouraging to see a teacher who breaks the mold. I hope you continue the journey to be a teacher!


Martin, thank you so much. That was exactly what I needed to hear!
I agree 100% about diversity in yoga teachers, I hope I can help people realise that perfection is neither possible nor desirable as an aim in yoga.
This is my body, this is what I’ve got to work with and I can still do yoga and I hope that one day I can teach others that they can too.
Thank you again,

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Absolutely. I agree 100%. It’s a principle I have built this site on - ‘who cares what you look like when you’re doing yoga?’ :slight_smile:

We can all contribute, and in fact you may be able to contribute more to those who feel a bit stiffer or limited in their body, since you can feel more empathy.

All the best,