Environmental Impact of DYWM

I tried to post this as a response to the current blog post, but there was no CAPTCHA question to answer.

After reading the post about yoga clothing and the previous one about mats, I feel using DYWM online classes favorably impacts the environment because I drive less with DYWM. I drive anywhere from 15- 30 minutes one way to a studio class. When I’m at home, I use my iPad which of course has to be recharged, but that cost should be less than driving 30 - 60 minutes round trip. In addition, I’m also saving time by not driving to classes, and I can use that time for yoga and pilates at home. I’m not thinking about totally abandoning studio classes, especially the outdoor ones in the summer, but I am thinking about the environmental impact of driving after reading these blog posts. Thanks for any comments, especially from those who live farther from yoga/pilates studios.


That’s great! I love that we’re having that impact - less driving is good for everyone!