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Hi there! I would appreciate a way to combine multiple filters to my yoga class search. Specifically, I prefer longer classes, 45 minutes+, so I’d love to combine the filters for 45-90 minutes. Most days, I’d also rather do a practice that’s either Intermediate or Advanced, so I’d love to combine the Intermediate and Advanced filters.

Currently, I just scroll through all classes and pick out times and levels.

Also, a huge thank you for the two month trial period! I practiced on DYWM for years when it was all free and stopped when most classes I wanted to take became subscription, since I was already a member at a local yoga studio. Now that I moved to an area with a yoga studio that doesn’t fit my schedule (and of course, pandemic), I am loving diving back into DYWM and will definitely subscribe once my trial runs out!

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To me, a longer class starts at 60 minutes. So if the filter were combined starting at 45 minutes, I’d need to look through and eliminate everything between 45 – 60 minutes.

That makes sense. I’m more suggesting that we can create our own layered filters. So you would choose 60, 75, and 90, and someone else could choose 15 and 30.

Totally agree re multiple filters, and as well, the ability to sort the results would be awesome (e.g. by instructor, by most recent, etc.).

Thanks for the feedback, everyone, and for the kind words, @sydni.adler! I’m happy that you were able to take advantage of our two month offer.

If I understand correctly, you’re wondering how you can combine the filters on our Yoga Classes page. You can do that simply by selecting multiple filters, then clicking Apply. Let me know if I’m not understanding.

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Hmm… That doesn’t seem to work on Chrome or Safari. I can only choose one time at once - 45 minutes OR 60 minutes OR 75 minutes, etc. Same thing with levels of difficulty and styles.

Oh, I see what you’re saying. Yes, you can only choose one time or style or teacher at once, but you can choose one from each filter to use them together.

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Hi David, it would be good to be able to choose eg between 20-40mins. Thanks Trish


If I understand what you’re asking, I’ve been wanting that same sort of feature for awhile. I think you’re saying that for each filter, it’d be great to be able to choose more than one option. Like for example, when searching for a class, I’d love to be able to search hatha and vinyasa together. And I’ve often wanted to combine the times as you mentioned too. Same with instructors, and all the filters really. While the filters are great as-is, it would be nice to be able to combine the options within one filter.


Oh, I see what you’re saying. You’re right, that option is not available in our filters.

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David, I echo the request several others made above. It would be so helpful to be able to search (filter) for, as an example, 45 and 60 minute classes at the same time. Or intermediate and advanced at the same time. Would you consider making this improvement?

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Thanks, @Segtravel1. Right now that would require a lot of backend work so I don’t see that particular change making the cut.