How do you decide what practice to choose next?

We are gathering info here on how we can continue to serve our community better. Please share your thoughts below! Here are some other questions to further prompt you:

What would make it easier for you to choose your next class?
Do you search by teacher?
By length of class?
By style?

Do you find our recommendations here or on social media to be useful?

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For me it varies. Depending on how much time I have that day to practice, or how energetic I am feeling that day, or who I feel like sharing my mat with on any given day.


Time constraints, time of day and above all the way my body feels ie aches, energy, mood.


Difficulty level (any intermediate for me), time and how I feel/my body feels (I use the following filters most often: flexibility, hips, vigorous/energetic, whole body, gentle yoga, slow flow).

I would appriciate a time slider with minimum and maximum class length. I find myself looking for classes around 20 minutes, for example, which now means I have to do two searches: one for 10-20 minutes and one for 20-30 minutes.

I also follow the challenges to find classes (although I do not do them daily)


Firstly by time of day,(and type) then level, then length, then teacher (I do have favorite teachers but are open to new ones)

For example - Morning, strength/power/flexibilty, then level (beginner or int) 15 mins, then teacher. Or before bed, flexibility, 15 min etc.

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This week I searched by length of class, ‘beginner’ and whether it was free (even though I am a subscriber). This is because I am thinking of gifting a years subscription to a family member who has never done yoga but thinks it might help them. I have asked if they would be my sponsor, us each independently doing 10 classes in 10 days as a way of (1) providing some accountability for me and (2) helping them experience yoga whilst (3) we both enjoy the benefits. I was looking for 2 or 3 different classes of hatha yoga and the idea was that we would each do whichever class we felt like and send a text to the other person before bed that night. I have reviewed 3 20 minute classes which I think they may enjoy and will be sending them the link so they too can search and review the classes. I chose 20-30 minutes because I know they work full time and have evening meetings commitments every night.


What a great idea, Jane. Showing us another way yogis create community. At the retreat I just returned from, there were 4 40 yr old women, who became friends at university. Since they do not live within an hour or two of each other now, they have various ways to stay close. Two of them do a DYWM class every Sunday night over Zoom sharing a screen.
How do I choose my class? Amount of time I have…parts of my body talking to me, and Teacher. Probably should throw in more new, variety than I do.

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Thank you for asking!

Most often, I use the filters on the Classes page. I usually filter by time and difficulty, sometimes by style and/or teacher. I love Aron’s idea above for a slider to select minimum and maximum time.

Every few months, I follow a challenge (currently doing Fiji’s 14-Day Challenge).

I just downloaded the mobile app, and I wish the class length and difficulty were displayed on the class image.

I wasn’t aware of recommendations - but I don’t use social media.

Hope this helps!


I use the current filter system (which is pretty good) and usually search by teacher and length, and occasionally level. Please consider adding the capability to search for class lengths of narrower ranges, e.g., 30-40 minutes, 35-45 minutes, 40-50 minutes. Alternatively, you could let the user specify the min and max times they are looking for. Thanks and Namaste! Tom


I like to do the programs/challenges so I have something to follow through from start to finish. But I do like to fill in the “off days” (when a program is designed to be done 4 days /week) by doing the most recent classes offered. I do miss the “featured classes” section, as those are good “fillers” too if there are no new classes offered.

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I filter but LOVE the challenges and programs that eliminate any decision making, I think I’ve done them all - some twice. An option of ‘build your own program’ by filtering out teachers/length of class/yoga goal and have a class delivered to your inbox each day would be awesome.


I usually search for length first as well. It would be very handy if I could see my notes from the video’s page, so if I come across a video I’ve done previously, I know how it was for me the last time without needing to go into collections to check.

I often do the same videos many times as I’m limited to how my wrist is feeling (I can’t weight-bear on it). It would be great if I could sort/search each collection by length/teacher. I would also love if I could reorder my collections list so the collections I use most are at the top.

Thanks for asking!


I almost always search by class length and level, usually 20-30 minute intermediate/advanced classes. I like the idea of the time slider.

I sometimes search for focus if there’s a particular body part I want to practice with, based on over-use/under-use, etc.

I sometimes search by teacher depending on what style I’m in the mood for - more spiritual, more technical, more light-hearted, etc. I’m obviously only able to do that because I’ve been taking classes on the site for a while and have gotten to know a few teachers’ styles. I certainly don’t know all of them.

I will often choose a class I’ve done and know I like, and I appreciate recommendations.

Thank you for all you do, using your site has completely transformed my mental and physical well-being! I can’t wait for the opportunity to sign up for a retreat or otherwise practice in person with teachers I’ve been following online for years.


Thank you for sharing the gift of yoga with others!

Initially - when I joined the site - I picked instructors at random. But I choose classes at a level I felt I would be comfortable working at and sessions that were around 30 - 45 minutes in length. And then from this point I discovered instructors whose sessions I enjoyed and then proceeded to choose my classes by using the instructor filter.


Forgot to mention I now enjoy participating in the challenges ….I enjoy the structure and accountability - and how the sessions build upon each other. The reminder emails dropped on system each morning from you are particularly helpful and I find it helps to keep me on track and motivated.


I choose by teacher and then by time. I like to do the challenges as it gives me a routine to follow although sometimes they get too hard or too long. Sometimes I feel myself getting stuck with doing the same favorite classes and not trying others. Sometimes, time won’t give me time.


I normally search by time of day, energy level, or sometimes if I need something specific (ie: hips/shoulders, etc.) If I’m open to anything, I might just check newest first and see if anything sparks my interest.


I do many of the same things as already mentioned. And one thing I miss since the website redesign is having classes come up in general search results (if I use the search box at the top of the page). Sometimes I am looking for classes on a very specific topic or body part (like the neck) and if I use the filter, I will get LOTS of results that aren’t totally about the neck. But in the old general search, any class with “neck” in its title would come up.
One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is using Collections in our practice studios. I have several collections that can make picking a class easier on some days (for example, I have a “Kindness for the Body” collection that includes some of those specific-body-part classes that I just mentioned).

I want to up vote the time slider!