Sangha Session 9: "What class filters would you like to see, along with Style, Duration, Teacher and Difficulty?"

This is our ninth Sangha Session, which are community dialogues about interesting, yoga-related and sometimes personal topics. They take place every second week. This week, our Sangha question is:

“What class filters would you like to see, along with Style, Duration, Teacher and Difficulty?”

On our Yoga Classes page you are able to search using those 4 categories. If you could add another category, what would it be?

By body part focused on, please.


I would like more morning short 20 minute starts to your day and more mindful meditations for self worth and peace.


Emphasis- This could list body part focus (hip opening, arm balances, shoulder release, hamstring release etc) or more specific specializations (morning flow, relaxation). You do have a few of these incorporated in style drop down -back care, stress relief etc, but a sub category to style through emphasis would be a nice addition.


A general theme or goal from the class. Like yoga for strength, relaxation, endurance…what is the teacher trying to achieve in one word.


Oh, please, yes. The current drop-down menu has some of these ideas bit it’s getting too long and confusing.

I have a spreadsheet in which I add “upper/lower body” and “flexibility /strenght / relax” as columns.

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It’s not exactly what you’re asking but please, separate four categories. Starter, beginner, intermediate, advanced or something like that.


Maybe props needed ? and I very much like knowing if the class is all or mostly seated. I like the suggestion about the general theme/goal above as well.


Yes, body part focus if it’s possible…


It would be great if we can filter classes by the body part focused or the main emphasis of the class like whole body, spine health, hips, etc.


As others have said, the key benefit of the session - strength, flexibility, stretch, relaxation - and maybe a “loosen up” for those difficult mornings!


I agree, being able to sort the classes by body part would be fantastic!

I recall seing once David commenting below a video that the DYWM team had thought about it, but that it was tricky to implement.

To make it easier, many classes might qualify as “whole body”, but with so many classes focusing on the shoulders or the hips, for instance, it would be fantastic to have these grouped together!


Add a free form text entry field.

Steps I usually have to do:
Search on a word (“headache”, “core”, “shoulders”, “blocks” (when I bought a block & wanted to try it out), “morning”, etc).
Click “Advanced Search” button.
Select the “Yoga classes” checkbox.
Then click through each search result until I find one that’s the right level (intermediate) & class length (~40 min).

Adding a free form text to your existing class search would cover all these scenarios in 1 step. Thanks for asking!


Not sure if others know about this but the Yoga Poses section has a filter to search by body part/main area of focus. I used this just yesterday to search for good poses for opening the shoulders :slight_smile:

I have also just typed in “shoulders” in the main search box and it’s come up with a list of really good classes with this in the title or description. I do think a drop-down option would help too though.

Thanks DYWM, you guys are the best!


I would like:
The focus (ex. strength, flexibility, even faster or slower paced descriptions)
Body part focus
Also, would it be possible to have more classes show up in response to the search? If I put something general like (example I search: vinyasa/power then advanced). I know there are more classes than the ones that show up.

Thank you! I LOVE this site. I went from thinking I did not enjoy yoga to being totally obsessed with it!

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A customizable search for length. Sometimes my ideal class length is more like 30-50 minutes, so it would be great if the search would have sliders to set the length window.


I would like the duration filter divided by 10 minutes instead of 20


Hello I would like to see time of the day: night time, morning, during work hours, and locations like at work, on a chair, in a crowd ( airports, etc.)


By body party or area of concern would be good.

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Body part(s) focus would be helpful as would the class emphasis (relaxation/strength/stretching/…)

also a list of props required at the top of any of the descriptions.

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