Combining classes

I like to practice for about an hour, not including savasana. Has anyone combined 2 or more shorter classes to make a longer session? If so, what combinations did you find satisfying?



Are you are interested in combining classes of equal intensity? I’ve never tried that but, I frequently combine a regular yoga or pilates class with a restorative one in the evening. I’m taking the 30-day yoga/pilates challenge and on Day 16, I did Tracey Noseworthy’s Breaking Down Barriers with Satiya Channer’s Short But Sweet Restorative Yoga and on Day 17, I did Kathi Ells’ Pilates: Level 2, Class 3 followed by David Procyshyn’s Restorative Yoga: Letting Go Through Stillness and Stretch. I often don’t have time for yoga or pilates until the evening and find that finishing with a restorative class helps me relax. I combined Guy Friswell’s Awaken Your Spine and Standing Room Only during the daytime toward the end of April. Since these classes are beginner level, it was an easy combination to do.

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I would do them one right after the other. They don’t have to be the same intensity but they should both be intermediate or higher level.

Hi Laura,
I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. Thank you for posting this question. After I finish the May 30-day Yoga Pilates Challenge, I’m thinking about doing one of the 4 days per week programs. I may try combining two Intermediate classes for a longer practice on a day I don’t do a program class. I will put a note in my calendar to share with you if I decide to combine classes.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of the challenge!