Free videos where are they

I can’t find any free videos. I can’t even tell how much access the $5 gig will get me. I already subscribe to Gaia and yoga download but I’m looking for something new. I want to try out the free videos to see if I even like the content before I cancel one of my other memberships… But I don’t see anything I can sample for free

There are a bunch on YouTube. I know there are also some free ones here on the site. Here’s one I like:

Also forgot to mention this amazing series of guided meditation (if that’s your thing):

First of all good morning!
You seem a bit frustrated :wink:
To answer your comments, there are videos on youtube and also on the main website with the clear mention “Free” on them. The content is unbelievable good for 5$. DYWM is a warm community not an industry alike some other online yoga providers. You will like it!

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There are just as many free videos as there are subscriber only. This includes all teachers and styles.
I’m now a subscriber but haven’t always been.
You will find many quality classes catering for all abilities.