Who's up for new year advanced challenge?

I’m recovered from my slump and feel my practice is moving forward enough that I’m considering the 14 day advanced challenge for my new year challenge. Anyone else up for it? If there are a few of us we could check in and discuss it with each other?
My only concern about the advnanced challenge is the length of a lot of the classes. I do tend to get knackered because I’m constantly on the move in the rest of my life and nearing 40 (not sure if that’s a factor?) so I do like shorter classes daily. But I think it would be great to take my practice to the next level and try out new things. Also might be fun as well as I tend to have a giggle at myself when trying out balances and interesting contortions.
Who’s up for the challenge?

Another question - do yoga teachers get knackered? Like, do they get really tired and have to lie with their legs in the air sometimes?

Happy new year everyone.


Hi Helen! I hope you find someone who is willing to join you. The advanced challenge is a tough one. You can definitely do it on your own but it’s great to have someone do it with you too.

If you don’t find someone, feel free to let us know how it’s going.



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Hey Helen, congrats for wanting to take your practice onto the next level. It’s a great way of doing this through the challenges. I’d love to do the advanced challenge, but don’t feel as though I’m ready for that right now. I know that I find the intermediate classes of sufficient challenge for me, but would love to feel ready one day to make that next step up. Not this year though! I’m happy to share my experiences in my challenge though, and I’d love to hear how you get on with the advanced challenge as well. Happy new yoga-filled year.


Thanks for your replies. I’m actually reconsidering it now to be honest! I did a couple of advanced classes and found they weren’t physically harder but just pushed me to have a go at asanas that I don’t normally try. So I got a bit excited about trying the challenge. However I’m finding that because I’m getting more fit the intermediate classes are becoming more of a pleasure and perhaps I need to be careful not to push myself too hard and get exhausted again. I think perhaps I will give it another few months and be totally ready for it rather than get half way through and give up!
Hopefully when I get to that point I can find someone to join me :slight_smile: Happy new year everyone xx


Good plan Helen. Great way to start the new year, attempting a new challenge, realising it’s not quite right for you at the moment, so reverting to another challenge. That’s a huge challenge conquered in itself! I’ve started Fiji’s 14 day challenge. I’ve done this challenge before, but after the 1st day, had forgotten how much I loved this series. I’m giving myself the opportunity to do a challenge that requires me to do a class every other day. With my teacher training ongoing, I have balance out my asana practice with theory time, so this is providing the perfect balance. Plus, Fiji is just the most amazing teacher to learn from, so it’s providing multiple wins… and I’ve only just started! Another thing, that by doing this series again reminds me how much I’ve progressed since I first did the challenge when it was originally posted. I wouldn’t say that I found it easier this time, but it’s certainly a lot more pleasurable knowing that I can challenge myself that little bit further. It was a fantastic way to start New Year’s Day, that’s for sure.

Happy New Year to you anyway. Have a fab year ahead.

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I really enjoyed that challenge when i did it and noticed the difference afterwards. It’s great when you repeat something later and notice how much easier it is. I did Tracey’s Gratitude class last night and it was one of the first intermediate classes I did, about a year ago. I can remember enjoying the class but being exhausted when I finished it and feeling it the next day, so I hadn’t repeated it since. Well I did it last night and it felt quite easy which gave me a bit of a buzz realising how much fitter I’ve got this year.

Happy new year.