"Gravity" Yoga flexibility

Hi David & everyone,

my main focus to practice yoga is to gain flexibility. By researching around on the web I came across this website: https://www.yogabody.com/flexibility-kit/

They have coined the term “gravity” yoga, which sounds a lot like regular yin yoga.
It reaffirms what I’ve learned from classes on here, that yin yoga goes into the soft tissue and may be key to increasing flexibility. I have loved doing classes with doyogaforme, but I do appreciate the other site’s approach that they have a specific course focussed on flexibility gains and they offer shorter (15-20min) yin/gravity sessions, while DYWM’s yin sessions are usually much longer.

So in short: I was wondering if there would be any interest from DYWM to cater to that scenario too because I prefer this site =)

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There are some yin classes on DYWM that are about 25 minutes.

Hi, can you explain better what do you think is the best approach to gain flexibility, I’new to the yoga world.
What videos do you suggest in DYWN ?