Aside from more yoga asana classes, what other practices would you be interested in seeing more of on DYWM?

You know we do yoga - a wide variety of styles, covering a diversity of conditions, age groups, and levels from absolute beginners to advanced. We also offer Pilates, meditation and Yoga Nidra. We offer teacher trainings, retreats, challenges, progressive series, and programs to address specific topics.

If you could wave magic wand, what other styles, practices, or other yoga-adjacent offerings would you like to see on DYWM?

I would sometimes like to do yoga on my own, withouth having a video on. So I think a series on how you can build your own practice would be cool.

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Classes involving yoga silks!!! I’ve struggled finding quality classes with silks but would love to do more!!

Also I’ve spent a lot of time searching for challenging classes that are accessible for people with limited knee range of motion. I do intermediate+ classes, however after many (7) knee surgeries, there are a lot of things I can’t do (yoga squat, hero pose, even child’s pose is a challenge). While there are some modifications available, I rarely find a class I can do in its entirety due to these limitations.


I’m interested in learning qi gong and tai chi.


I would love to have a go at barre exercises at home but really don’t know where to start. I’ve read about it here (Top 6 Health Benefits of Barre Workouts) - it resembles both yoga and Pilates in a lot of ways. Maybe some beginner and intermediate Barre classes would fit nicely with your current offerings?


The older I get, the more I benefit from (and enjoy!) Yin yoga. Especially, 75-90 minute classes with longer holds.


Hi. I enjoy your Yin classes. So perhaps longer classes that cover the whole body.


I would love to see more kundalini beginner classes, qi gong and tai chi if it’s possible please.


Classes in specific pranayama techniques and how to use them. Like Sarada’s wonderful Pranayama: Adding Rhythmatic Life Force with Control or Rachel’s pranayama series.

More ashtanga practices. Not necessarily teaching, but having an instructor count and lead the sequence while a student practices. Like Jenni’s Half Primary video.

I’ll be honest - I really don’t want anything besides yoga from DoYogaWithMe. Other practices like tai chi and barre are good and useful, but they are not yoga, and not the reason I come here. I feel like DoYogaWithMe should stay focused on yoga because it’s what the community is all about, but perhaps a way to do that while exploring additional styles and practices is to dive deeper into the other 6 parts of Pantajali’s eightfold path (besides asana and pranayama).


This is a great idea for a series of classes, we have some for wrists but knees are another common area of injury or limitation

A yoga with weights class would be fun!

I had this same idea! A previous instructor of mine used to throw in what she called an “Iron Yoga” class once in awhile. Light weights, nothing crazy.