Headstand for my amputee buddy

I’ve been doing some yoga with a dear friend for about 6 months. He’s a single amputee on one leg from the knee down. He’s in great shape as he bikes and works out and then once a week we do about a 25 minute yoga practice. Beginner II to Intermediate. I’d love for him to try an inversion. :Possibly headstand. I’m sure this would have to be against a wall at first. That I know. Just wondering if there’s any suggestions for how to begin.


How inspiring! I think that inversions are totally possible, you can start with shoulder stand which allows for a lot more control just to get a sense of being upside down. Then I would progress to teddy bear headstand, knees on elbows, head on the ground. I think I actually have a really old class that is a workshop of these two poses!