Corona handstand challenge for a jobless scallywag

Hey, I’m jobless and stuck at home and there’s only so much sport, cooking, languages and reading Ulysses I can do… I should obviously be looking for a job but I would prefer to procrastinate healthily by trying to do a handstand.

Is there a yoga program (not individual classes) that will teach a fairly experienced yogi like me to do a handstand? Any tips would be very welcome.

Hugs, cheers and cheerio


You might like Natalie Reckert’s Couch to Handstand 30-Day Challenge. It’s not a yoga program per se, but the style and structure of her classes have a strong yoga vibe. (Every class includes down dog variations!)

If you’re already strong and well-balanced, GBM Fitness has produced a How to Do a Perfect Handstand Tutorial Series that might help you get to a freestanding handstand faster. Feeling more like gymnastics coaching than yoga lessons, this series consists of exercises to practice on your own rather than follow-along classes.

Thank you very much!

We just launched a challenge that you may want to check out, with Rachel Scott:

7-Day Inversion Yoga Challenge with Rachel Scott

We also have a lot of classes that have handstand as the peak pose. You can find them by searching on ‘handstand’ in the top right search bar.

Love the word scallywag!


I’ve seen it, thanks! I’m already on day 4.

Regardless of whether or not I ever achieve a full handstand, it’s still fun to practice.

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