Need advice for an amputee friend

I have a good friend who is interested in starting a yoga practice. He does lots of biking. He is fairly fit. He is an amputee from the knee down on one leg and has been for many years.
Any ideas on what asanas might be good for him to start with? Any to avoid?
Thanks for any help.

Wonderful for you to reach out to find a way to support your friend. It sounds like he is pretty adept at finding a way to keep fit and active. Being able to be creative and adaptable will enable him to navigate a yoga practice and modify movements to work for his body. I would encourage him to start with a beginner hatha class, maybe one of Melissa’s classes, and just experiment with what he is able to do and not do. To begin, begin.

Thanks Fiji. I will look up some classes per your recommendations.

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Hi Jim,

Your post came to mind when I received an email from Yoga Alliance with information about the upcoming live webinar, Making Your Yoga Class Accessible to Amputees. I’m not sure if the free webinars are only open to registered members of Yoga Alliance but I didn’t see anything indicating that’s the case. If it is, Yoga Alliance’s webinars are also available to everyone on their YouTube channel.

Here’s the link for the webinar: Webinar Registration - Zoom
It’s on Jun 24, 2021 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada).

Description of the webinar: Each year over 1 million people in the world lose a limb or limbs. This loss is multi-dimensional, from the physical rehabilitation to the changes in body image, relationships, and accessibility. This workshop explores the top ten tips to making your yoga classes more accessible to amputees. Marsha Therese Danzig, a below knee amputee and founder of Yoga for Amputees, offers expert guidance on how to safely, effectively, and compassionately offer amputees the opportunity to reclaim their wholeness through yoga.

Best wishes to your friend!

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This is why our community is so great! Thank you for sharing!