Be Strong and Flexible 30-Day Challenge - Community Discussion


This is the forum thread where you can comment on or ask questions about the Beginner Get Strong and Flexible 30-Day Yoga Challenge. Many of our teachers will be here to answer questions.

Have fun!


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hello, this morning I completed day 19 of this challenge. I appreciate how the classes so far have provided exposure to several different teachers and styles. It helps me know what to look for on the site going forward. The first week’s classes focussing on alignment were very helpful to me. I intend to keep following the program daily to the end of the month, and then I will be looking for some of your other programs to try. Thank you for putting this series together, it is very helpful to have a program laid out, especially when there are so many options available.

Since it is very very cold where I am, I wonder if anyone has any recommendations for classes with a style that generates heat? I know I have done a bit of this kind of yoga years ago, but I am not sure what to look for in the search terms. Beginner/Intermediate is fine but I am probably not ready for an advanced class.

thank you, I hope everyone is enjoying the January challenge.


Greetings. Yesterday I finished day 30 of the Beginner’s New Year challenge. I just wanted to say thank you for putting this series of classes together. I learned a lot, and it helped me establish a daily practice this month. (we will see if I can keep it up!) I am very grateful to all of the teachers who were represented in this month’s classes, it was wonderful to see a variety of offerings and approaches. I am looking forward to learning much more.


Hello, I am a subscriber and chose this challenge to get back into a practice. However the link for my daily inbox reminder took me to a different 19 minute very beginner intro by David P. I am not sure if the other links for emails are broken too. ( I can let you know) I did it because I was not aware it was the wrong link.
I have navigated to the correct first session (seated alignment by David P) and will do that next.

Best wishes,

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Thank you for letting us know, Susan. I’ll pass this on to my Communications Lead.

Hi Sue,

We experienced a technical hiccup that affected some of our challenges from last year.
I have gone through each of the challenges and corrected the faulty links. Apologies for the inconvenience and confusion!

High fives and downward dogs,