Focus and Flow: New Year's Intermediate Yoga Challenge

Hi All,

I wanted to start a thread to get us all ready and excited about the upcoming challenges! It is an exciting time of year at DYWM, as we put the final touches on our upcoming January Challenges. We have both a beginner challenge and an intermediate challenge staring January 1st!

I have curated this year’s intermediate challenge and titled it Focus and Flow, and I will be checking in with you here on the forum as you make your way through the classes each day. Please join me here, with comments or questions as you finish each practice so we can keep eachother encouraged, excited, and accountable!

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Sounds good, really looking forward to that - something to brighten up the cold dark weather of January in Scotland :slight_smile:



Me too, looking forward to a new challenge. I’m at the opposite end of the country to you on the South coast. Chilly but not as chilly as you :smiley:.



Hello. I’ve been doing yoga with DoYogaWithMe for a year consistently but have done mostly beginner classes, with the occasional intermediate 1. I’ve signed up for this challenge but my question is, how do you know if you are still a beginner or intermediate 1? Are there a few classes you could point me to to help me decide? There seems to be quite a variety of difficulty within Intermediate 1. Thank you very much. X

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I’m looking forward to the new challenges!

Wow, a whole year, good for you!! :slight_smile: If you are feeling the pull toward trying Int 1, you are probably ready to try Int 1. :wink:

You are right that there can be quite a range of perceived difficulty. I would suggest trying a whole body class (in the focus drop-down). The classes that focus on a particular peak pose or particular style can feel more challenging, if the focus isn’t in your natural wheelhouse. You could also start with a shorter length class.

Class suggestions: Rachel Scott’s Fundamentals of Practice might be a good place to start (and return to - the more you practice, the more her instruction will intuitively make sense). She also has a Energy Boosting Flow that might be good, since it focuses on what feels good to you and less on whether you are making the right shape with your body. Tracey Noseworthy’s Slow and Low is my go-to when I’m feeling unwell, as it’s super accessible. Tracey’s A Strong Foundation might be a good benchmark class (although it’s been a while since I’ve done it). Finally, I have heard great things about Josh Chen’s and Helen Camisa’s Intermediate classes, although I don’t usually practice with them.

I hope this helps! And hoping to see you join the Intermediate challenge in January! :wink:

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Hi Jane,

Experimentation is definately the way to go. Once you have a solid foundation under your belt, like you do, you can try out a variety of classes to find the level, style, and teacher that fit you best. Often it is not the level that really matters after your progress from beginner, it is more about finding a good “feeling fit” You can always modify and use props as you evolve in your practice!! I would sample a few different teachers that offer intermediate l classes and see who you like!


Thank you for posting this thread, Fiji. I’ve registered for the New Year’s Intermediate Yoga Challenge because I hope to challenge myself to do some poses that might be difficult for me.

Hi. Just try it! Your body will let you know if it can’t do something. Most teachers will tell you where you should be feeling the stretch and offer options to make it easier or harder.
If you really struggle go back to something at a lower level and try again in a few months. You may surprise yourself with what you can actually achieve,


Fantastic Advice something we should all take into account!

Day 1!!! Happy New Year Everyone!!!
I hope this practice brought you back to your own roots and is part of the foundation that will support you in the year to come and the classes that will follow! Feel free to share your experience here in this thread!


I am able to do most of the poses in this practice. The headstand is one I am not comfortable with. I looked at the topics in the Beginner Yoga Journey, and I’ve learned the topics covered in it. Can I do the intermediate challenge if there are a few poses I don’t feel comfortable doing? Thank you.

I’m loving it so far, Fiji! Ive been doing mostly beginner II classes for the last month or so, and these 2 have been a fun challenge. I can definitely feel my core! I was also pleasantly surprised that I was able to do the headstand and hold crow for a few seconds yesterday!

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I loved day 1 of the intermediate challenge. When the birds were audible before the video even started, I knew this challenge would be the perfect remedy for the January blues! Thank you, can’t wait for tomorrow.


Yes! Loved hearing those birds on a chilly gray January day!

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First class was a great start to the program. As someone who has reconnected with their practice I found it to be just the right amount of challenging :slight_smile:

Todays class, Strong and Twist , was equally rewarding. I really enjoyed the incorporation of dynamic movements into the sequence. Finishing off the class with the mantra was beautiful. :om:

Grateful to have found this platform. The instructors, and the staff are wonderful. Many blessings in the New Year and
looking forward to tomorrows class.


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Yes you can definately try both challenges and see which one fits best, or even do a mix of both. You can modify or opt out of poses your don’t feel ready for too.

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Thank you, Fiji, for this suggestion. That is what I will be doing during the next two weeks. A combination of the review of the old and the challenge of the new will be good for me.

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Enjoyed todays class in particular the dynamic sequences. Also slowly standing up from sitting on your heels is surprisingly difficult.

Day 3 How sweet you are.

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Love this challenge, and it’s nice to have a surprise each day, but a small request: Even if you have decided to hide the link to upcoming classes, please can you put the approx length of the future classes up on the list so that I can plan them into my daily schedule?

It really helps me to know whether to make space for a 30 min or a 50 min class … and yesterday’s was a surprise 77 minutes which turned my day upside-down!

Many thanks, Alison

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