Sacroiliac Pain - Please help

Hello! I have recently joined this website and I’m finding it amazing!
I injured my sacroiliac joint last year (doing crossfit … I know) but it’s been a long time and I’m still struggling to fix it. I don’t really know what to do. I can pin-point where my discomfort is and it tends to radiate around into my hip. but sometimes if I move my body incorrectly it jolts pain into that joint and it makes my back feel very weak :frowning:

I’ve been to physio, had acupuncture and been given some weighted exercises but I was wondering if there was a yoga video or anything that you could recommend I watch that could help me? I believe I need to strengthen my glutes, core and back but also try and heal the pain around that joint (its not bad enough that I need surgery but it aches a lot especially sitting and running) any advice would be amazing!

regards, Deanna

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Hi Deanna.

It’s difficult to give any advice when we can’t see you in person, unfortunately. The physiotherapist visit you had would likely be more valuable and accurate that anything we could suggest, simply because we can’t be sure what is going on for you.

I would recommend, though, that you do a combination of pilates and yoga since it’s likely that your body needs both strength and flexibility. Kim Wilson has a great series of classes that we will be posting as a program very soon and you can choose yoga classes that focus on the legs and lower back.

I hope that helps.



Thanks David, I understand it is one of those specific things that is different for each person. there are so many varying things on the internet and its hard to know what is correct. fingers crossed this new physio will be able to help me.

I will try to continue with strengthening my core, back and glutes and stretching my tight muscles areas.

I appreciate your time & advice.
kind regards

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My pleasure, Deanna. Good luck with it!