Inbox Delivery Challenges

I love the challenges as it takes the decision making away in the mornings and I like the continuity they provide. I am signed up for the ongoing beginner challenge now and today I got day 38 in my inbox. The last one I recieved was Day 31 - I actually thought it was over so I signed up for 2 other challenges earlier in the week and neither of them ever showed up in my mail. Am I doing something wrong? or is there an issue with delivery on the website?

BTW I love DYWM and tell anyone who is interested in yoga about it. It has made a big difference for me as I like the flexiblity to do the classes on my own time and not have to drive anywhere. I think the classes are really well done and that aside from some streaming issues and this inbox challenge issue which is all tech stuff, you have provided a perfect answer for me for my practice. Thank you

I just found the missing classes - they were in my junk folder! So I am guessing this is a random problem with my Mac mail program. Evidently they decieded after over a year that Do Yoga with Me was junk, but today its not. Cranky inbox. However the other 2 challenges I signed up for are not there.

Hi tossa,

Please send me an email from your user account and let me know which challenges you have not receive and I can troubleshoot the system.


-Georin Costello
Director of Communications -

Hi Georin

I believe it was the 7 day beginner/intermediate Hatha challenge and the 4 week yoga at work challenge

Thanks for checking into it for me

I’m sending this 2 ways as not sure which would be the correct way :wink:

Susann D’Antonio
user name tossa