Power Into 2022 —links missing

This is a great challenge. When will the links be loaded for Week 1, Day 7 -Week 4?

As this is a new challenge it is being sent out one day at a time until it is complete. The challenge will then be available on the site in full after that. Have you registered for the challenge by hitting the enroll button on the website? This will keep you up to date and resume the challenge where you left off.

OK. Thank you for replying. The first few days were available all at once, so I thought something was amiss. I did sign up for the sessions.

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I have enrolled and the links are still not working. I’ve tried it on multiple browsers and no luck. When I enter the challenge after having enrolled I do get the continue button. However, every time I select continue it repeats the first class. Is there something else I should do? Tks.

My experience with the Challenge has been similar. If I click on Continue, I often get the previous day’s class. But if I then click on “Track Your Progress” (over on the right and down a bit), I can see the links to all the classes, including the current one.
So maybe try that?
Although when I click on today’s class, (Tracey’s week 2, class 1) I am only getting a blank page…but usually this works.

I’m having the same trouble with the next link. I am signed up for a 7-day challenge but I’m not doing 7 days in a row. Resuming gets me back to day 1.

Same issue here for Week 2, Class 1: all I get is a blank page. I tried clearing my cache and logging back in but still no luck. Any tips?

Yup, Week 2, Class 1 (Day 8) link is blank. Please help!

I am passing this issue on to our amazing Tech wizard Sean.

Sorry for seeing this so late, but there is a Track Your Progress heading in the sidebar of your browser. If you open that up you will see the list of classes. Check off any that you have completed and the next time you Continue you will be brought to the next class in the list. It is supposed to check them off automatically as you go, but doesn’t always recognize when the class is actually been “Completed”.
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Sorry for the inconvenience, but it should be fixed.

This should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.