More Classes from Rachel

hey dear DYWM-Community,

i am totally obsessed with Rachel´s classes and wanted to ask if it would be possible to have more intermediate/advanced classes with her? She’s absolutely amazing and her classes have just the right touch of everything. I would be very thankful, if you guys could take it into considerations.
Loving Regards


I agree…Rachel is by far my favorite!


While I don’t have a favorite teacher, Rachel is one of the four teachers towards whom I gravitate most. Her instructions are precise, knowledgeable and visual in a way that truly help me advance from intermediate to advanced, even if they are challenging beginner classes. I would also welcome more classes from Rachel, especially at the int/adv levels. thanks!

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Thank you! Feedback is noted… and I’ll pass it on to Rachel. It will make her happy to hear this. :slight_smile:

It’s good timing - we will be launching a 7-Day Challenge with her at the end of November. The classes won’t be advanced, but many will be intermediate.

When we get a chance to film with her again, I’ll ask her if she could film a few advanced classes.

Thanks again!



I would love more classes with Rachel as well. Specially the intermediate and advanced ones. I’ve done all her intermediate classes and the one advanced class, many, many times. There’s always something more to learn each time I do them, or revisiting them serves as a good reminder of particular details. I’m looking forward to her 7 day challenge series.

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Rachel is the bomb! My favourite teacher! I was so fortunate in the past to be able to attend her amazing classes in person. Now I’m ecstatic I found her online classes at DYWM.

It’s quality online classes like Rachel’s that sets DYWM apart from other online yoga sites. They pale by comparison.

MORE from Rachel, pretty please and thank you - with a cherry on top.

Her detailed instructions are so clear and concise, second to none! Her tips are so helpful and reflect how thoroughly she understands the human body.

You could do her classes blindfolded!

I have learned so much from Rachel about proper alignment, activating the right muscles and receiving the maximum benefit from each asana.

Her support, encouragement, humour and shiny personality come through in her videos and are what further make her online classes a joy to follow.

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Fantastic! I’ll share this thread with her… she will love reading it. I’ll definitely get her going on more classes!

AWWWWW!!! I seriously just had a care bear heart explosion! :heartpulse: :rainbow: Thanks for the kind words everyone, I’m so glad that the classes are helpful to your practices! XOXOXOX

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