Ok to perform the same classes repeatedly?

Hi, I’ve been using Fiji’s Yoga for Runners classes (pre run, post run and especially injury prevention) now for several years now as my go-to classes. Is it detrimental to use the same classes/sequences repeatedly? I think about “muscle memory” and adapting to a specific flow and wondering does the class become less effective over time.

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Hello there.

It’s absolutely fine to repeat the same classes over time, as long as you include some variation. You risk increasing flexibility in certain ways more than others, particularly with classes that have a specific outcome. But, on the other hand, if you are benefiting from the classes, it likely means that they are addressing areas of common tightness in your body, so that’s great!


There is a lot to be said for retaking the same classes–your body and mind know what to expect and you can get into the poses more deeply. It can also be good to challenge your body to do new poses, follow new instructions from different instructors–besides being mentally challenging, your body learns to move differently which diversifies how your muscles respond. I don’t think the classes become less effective, but consider diversity to challenge your muscles. Either way, enjoy the process.