Morning yoga routine to memorize


There’s is so many amazing classes on this website that I would appreciate a little guidance for my needs.

Here is my fantasy :wink:
I would like to memorize (knowing by heart) a flow/routine/class, that I could do every morning. I spend most of my life outdoors, so my goal is to be able to do it anywhere without a computer or screen. For that, of course, I’m willing to put the time and effort (with screen) required to actually learn the sequence.

I have the patience, perseverence and memory to learn it, I’m just having trouble to chose THE one ! :wink:

When I do a search, there is just SO much results!

I have been meditating everyday for a long time, so I’m not looking for meditations.(Well, not a seated one).

I’m in good shape and I’m not a total beginner. I would like something that is for the whole body, not too fast. Something that wakes the body up in the morning and gets you grounded.

I know that probably the best is trying different classes until I find the one I prefer but, I’m open to suggestions considering what I’m looking for!

Thank you!


My favourite morning routine is Fiji’s moving meditation.


Memorizing a sequence is a great idea. What I have memorized is overall principles of sequencing (e.g. sun salutations, then standing, then balancing, then prone, supine, and seated).

I just previewed this one by Rachel Scott. It is the only one that meets your requirements of “not a total beginner” (Beginner II) in the Vinyasa Category that showed up in my search.

Having previewed the poses with the arrow key during the video, I like the look of it, with the blocks staying shoulder width apart in the front the whole time. The pace also looks morning-friendly.

If you beat me to trying it out, let me know, or if it’s not the one, at least it helped me pick my next class.

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You’re right, there are so many wonderful classes. I found that I gravitate towards Fiji’s classes so now I just search for her name. The Renewing Power in Flow is probably my favourite and like you I’m trying to learn the sequence for that but they are all good, challenging but doable with clear, concise instructions. I also really like her outlook, it’s very grounded.


Just dive in and you’ll learn which teachers styles you like. I love Tracey Noseworthy and for a couple of years I did one of her classes every morning. I did have it memorized and could do it anywhere.

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My experience is, you’ll find “the one” that becomes your go-to video. I stumbled across one that seems to hit the sweet spot for me, and find myself going to it frequently, especially when I’m pressed for time and don’t want to be searching. I could probably do the sequence without guidance, but by following someone I don’t have to be thinking about what comes next, I get to just “be”, if that makes sense.

One suggestion is to try a Yoga Challenge. The classes are already chosen and maybe some you like and some you don’t but you get a variety of styles and flows and may end up bookmarking one or two.

I think also when you find one or two that work, don’t lock yourself into that particular flow, but do what feels right at the time, remembering to show love to the entire body.


Thank you all for taking the time to answer. I really appreciate and I will check your suggestions.

Yes! That makes a lot of sens! :pray:t2:
And that’s exactly what I want to achieve by knowing a sequence “by heart”. I play music and when I know a song, I don’t think about it, I don’t think about the next chords, I just “know” what’s next without thinking. My fingers know where to go and this way, it’s easier for me to feel the song.

I feel that, If I know a sequence like a choreography, it will be easier to just be. To just feel my body, my alignment, my breathing, my energy. As I mention in the opening post, it’s an ideal. I’m willing to put a lot of time learning.

Again, big thanks to all of you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi there!
I would suggest you Fiji McAlpine’s “Inspire the fire”. About 20 minutes of pure pleasure!