Detached Hamstring rehab - what classes can I do?

Can you recommend any classes for someone who is recovering from a bad tear of the hamstring from the pelvis?

Actually I’m asking for a friend. She had a terrible injury about 4 years ago where her hamstring detached from her pelvis. She had surgery to re-attach it and has been in rehab ever since. She’s working with a personal trainer, but she really misses her yoga, and is willing to start again from beginner level.

If you have any classes that would not aggravate the hamstring at all, I think that would be a great place to start?

Thank you in advance, Alison.

Hi Alison,

Ouch sounds so painful! I have had a few injuries over the years and would encourage taking it slow and not overdoing it at the start. Here is a great class for her to start out with

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Thank you so much Fiji. I will have a look at the class and let my friend know.

If you know of any classes that pretty much avoid working the hamstrings at the pelvis altogether I’d be grateful to know.

Thank you so much for replying, I have followed you for five years and I felt a little start struck when I saw you had replied! x x

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Hi Alison, I am not sure that there are any classes that avoid the hamstring pelvis area all together except for some of our chair yoga classes.

Maybe that is a start?

Thanks Fiji, and Rachel too! I’ve just done the Hamstring rehab class you suggested for my own yoga butt injury, it feels marvellous jut now, post class. I’m bookmarking it and coming back to it till i can happily run again. x x