Recs for classes w/Dolphin pose

There’s a spot between my shoulders and my neck that often gets sore, and I’ve found dolphin pose to be particularly helpful, and the stretches that are in classes that include dolphin pose are often helpful as well. I’d love to hear recommendations anyone might have for classes that include dolphin pose (or open to other suggestions for other things that would achieve a similar goal).

For a little more background, I’m a dancer and mostly use yoga as cross-training for upper body, so I tend to prefer classes that are more upper-body focused and on the shorter side (~20-40 min), but I’m glad to do longer ones on occasion as well. I’ve already done the Get Strong Shoulders and Arms challenge. Intermediate III classes often include poses that are beyond my level, but aside from that I’m flexible about level.


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Melissa has at least one class that she uses dolphin pose in, as does Rachel. I wish I had the links to the specific classes, but I do so many of their classes that I am not sure which ones incorporate them! Perhaps David can point them out.

Thanks - I’ve come across ones with various teachers, but the challenge is figuring out exactly which ones (without actually taking the time to do the class)

David’s class “Yoga for the Upper Back” (37 min.) has dolphin’s pose and other wonderful stretches.

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Fiji’s Power Yoga for Wrist Injuries is a fun class, which includes lots of dolphin pose.

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Thanks! I think I already did both of those in the Get Strong challenge, but I may go back to them again.