Relaxing Versus Strengthening the Pelvic Floor

I found a thread from a few years ago about Yoga for Incontinence, which emphasized strengthening the pelvic floor. I see a pelvic floor therapist (at $150 a visit, ouch!), and she has taught me that I need to relax, rather than strengthen, my pelvic floor. A lot of women hold tension in their pelvic area, which leads to damage over time (think clinching your pelvis instead of hunching your shoulders.)
I’ve found a lot of yoga videos that focus on strengthening the pelvic floor, but none on relaxing that area the way other videos focus on relieving tension in the shoulders and back. I would LOVE a yin style class on relaxing the pelvic floor and surrounding areas.

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This is a great suggestion! I will take it to the team, I know Julia Crouch has a lot of classes focusing on pelvic floor health. Maybe she can do an additional one on this topic!