Yoga for incontinence

For years I suffered with incontinence. Embarrassing to say the least. Until I found an internet place that teaches “T-Zone” exercises. I followed the program and in as little as 6 months I am 95% leak free.

I would like to include something like this in my yoga exercises and I AM SURE that there are a lot of women and men that would benefit from that. It is also hard to exercise in any way when you are afraid to leak.

This is, for a lot of people a taboo topic and they suffer in silence and making the manufacturers of the pads a lot of money.

Please have a look into this topic for the women and men with this problem.

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Absolutely, this is a big issue especially for women. I think yoga is the best thing for that because of the bandhas which basically means strengthening the pelvic floor. When you are remembering the bandhas in your practice you are going to be doing so much good already. I’m not sure which classes on here particularly focus on this but I know there are many.

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Hi, yep pelvic floor work is the way to go.

Melissa does an amazing job here: with moves and engagement cues that you can use outside the sequence in your own time, and i love her teaching generally.

An intro from David here:

Generally anytime you’re engaging your root-lock bandha you’re engaging your pelvic floor, this also helps protect your pelvis and spine in twists and bends. Be sure to do some classes on bandhas and practice using the root lock in other classes and postures. An intro by David at …/content/integrating-breath-and-bandhas

Rachel Scott- my favourite teacher, in Vancouver, also emphasizes pelvic floor use in her videos on this site if you search by teacher.

All the best with your practice


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