Sacro iliac question for David

I have determined that my low back pain is due to sacro iliac joint inflammation. Are there particular poses or DYWM classes that you recommend for problems with this joint?

I have been doing a lot of hip and spine classes lately. Can too much hip opening aggravate that tight s.i. joint?

Thank you!

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Hi there.

Issues with the SI joint can be complicated since it depends on exactly what is happening for you. Too much motion and limited range of motion are approached differently. Do you feel like there is too much or too little motion?


Hi David,

I have to say I have not noticed any real difference in range of motion of the left si joint (the one affected).

However, what is significant and that I failed to mention is that my right hip is moderately arthritic. It is painful and stiff at times. I find yoga and strengthening exercises help manage and minimize this. For my age, 60, I have good rom in it and the supporting muscles are strong from exercise, but internal and external rotation are hindered.

The si pain is in my left lower back. This imbalance in the hips is a causal factor I am sure. The left si joint is probably called upon to be more flexible to compensate for the stiffness in the right hip.

I hope that helps.

Thank you for advising!

Look forward to your reply.