Sciatica - helpful poses?

I would like to have specific suggestions to help with sciatica… either certain poses , or any other information that could be useful. i.e. - what have other people found that was helpful or this condition. Thank you.

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Best of luck with your recovery and healing. My wife had sciatica for about 6 months and it really limited her activities. I’ll leave the yoga pose recommendations to the yoga experts. :grinning:. My wife found that deep massage and a PT routine which focused on the core and targeted muscles worked the best, and she tried a lot of different routes.

Hopefully, it goes away soon for you.

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Hi Barrie … thanks so much for your email and words of encouragement. Mine has also been 6 months and so far nothing helping…chiropractor … and some PEMF sessions. It is especially agonizing first thing in the morning. I will start trying recommended yoga poses , but am wondering if acupuncture would be helpful …and also an “Inversion table’. Has your wife had any experience with these?

Thank you for your kind thoughts

Blessings … Marilyn


Greetings Marilyn,
my wife spent a lot of time researching and did hear that both acupuncture and inversion table treatments can help. She personally didn’t try these because she really doesn’t like needles nor being upside down. I’ve had IT band issues from overuse in the past and personally found acupuncture plus PT to help.

Sorry to hear you have been dealing with it so long. In addition to your yoga poses, you could always try out acupuncture and inversion to see if it helps.

Best of luck with finding what works for you,

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Thanks again Barry for your reply. That’s very helpful to know . I can understand your wife’s reluctance to try those things; I feel somewhat the same, but am at a place right now where I am willing to try anything that may help, and hope that I find the thing that will work for me.

I am glad your wife was able to find relief and hope she never has to deal with it again.

Blessings … Marilyn

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The key to sciatica relief is releasing all of the muscles in the hip, most notably the piriformis, which can cause the pinching nerve. Have you tried this class?

Yes… have Bookmarked it and going to try it today . Thank you !

Thanks for your email David … I just tried the class for sciatic relief, and have to say I found it very hard. This was the first time I have done any Yoga since last August. I’m wondering if there is maybe a shorter version, at least to start with … or maybe I should only do some of the poses ? I want to do enough so that it will be helpful, but don’t want to overdue it and make things even worse.

I will look forward to your advice.

Thanks again .

Blessings … Namaste … Marilyn

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