Sciatica Nerve Relief

My partner who had twin boys a year or so ago now has developed sciatica nerve pain over the past couple of weeks. She has been to see an osteopath who has recommended exercises and other ways to ease the pain, including rest (unlikely with twin boys to keep entertained!).

I wonder whether there are any yoga poses she could do to help her regain full mobility again? I know that there are specific DYWM classes for exactly this problem, but she’s not a huge fan of yoga, often suffering discomfort from stiff wrists.

Does anyone have any poses that have worked wonders for easing sciatica pain?


Yes, we do have one particular pose that is helpful. It’s called ‘Piriformis Stretch’.

It’s important to understand, though, that sciatic nerve pain is most likely a result of many years or decades of repetitive use that reinforced the condition that she now has. It’s possible that a single stretch can create some temporary relief, but without something more thorough she won’t arrive at a place where any prolonged relief is possible. You may want to encourage her to do the full class, Yoga for Sciatica Relief.

Take care,

DoYogaWithMe Founder