Sangha Session 10: "If we could design a Yoga Challenge for you, what would it be?"


I love your ideas, these are fantastic. I know I have recommended the DYWM site to my sister many times and she’s a very busy mum. She would probably love that challenge!


I love all of the ideas on this thread, they are fantastic. What a diverse and creative community we are! I would love a series of classes that’s anywhere from 14-30 days long that starts to teach me how I could develop my own practice in terms of sequencing my own yoga sessions. Not to teach or anything like that, just for that true connection with my own body through moving in a highly intuitive way. I’m sure there are many in the community that already do this but it would be a great way to connect in with beginners and experienced practitioners alike.


Would absolutely love a Yoga for Seniors challenge. Some of us are never going to be able to do the things that other yoga practitioners take for granted–like sitting on our legs–but we need to keep moving. You’ve got some great seniors classes–that’s what keeps me coming back to you…


Hi there! Thanks for the feedback. Yes, there are so many things we take for granted before we experience them ourselves.

Do you know that we have a Senior’s 30-Day Challenge launching January 1st, as a part of our New Year’s 30-Day Challenge series? Here’s the link:

To read more about them, go here:




Since my schedule doesn’t always work with studio Yoga, Pilates, and Barre Pilates classes, I would like a Challenge that includes Yoga and Pilates classes I could do at home. If there is not enough interest in the DYWM community for such a Challenge, I like mjscott88’s suggestion of a Challenge where I could develop my own Challenge with Yoga and Pilates classes from those offered on the DYWM website.


I would love to see both a postnatal challenge, with focus on improving abdominal separation / core / pelvic floor and relaxing. Maybe including an aspect with baby too.
I’d also love to have a family session to do with my children to work on strength and meditation.
I’ve really enjoyed taking part in the beginners month challenge, especially with the variety of teacher and length of sessions. For the postnatal one, I’d appreciate teachers who have given birth and struggled with improving their core. For the family one, I’d love to see a family taking part and not have the content too babyish but with a lot of verbal cues. I’d love to instil a love for yoga and mindfulness within my children.
I think both would work well as once or a couple times a week. Maybe 20-45 min each for the family. Maybe 30-60 min for postnatal.


I’d love a yoga challenge for those of us yogis with hypermobility!


A great challenge for me would be one that helps me sit in the correct cross legged position easier by the end of the challenge than at the start of the challenge!


My struggle has always been consistency, in particular establishing a daily practice, so a great challenge for me would just be to practice something (anything) every day, just to develop the physical and mental habit of daily practice. Thanks for asking !


Late to the party, but I would love a month-long, daily challenge building up to being able to complete 108 sun salutations safely. Not just practices doing endless sun salutes-- more like half-and-half classes with the different sun salutations in the first half and longer balances/poses/stretches in the second half, slowly building in difficulty over the course of the month. Could be a fun one in advance of the summer equinox perhaps??

Thanks for the site! I love the curated programs/challenges, so please keep adding to them!!