Sangha Session 10: "If we could design a Yoga Challenge for you, what would it be?"

This is our tenth Sangha Session, which are community dialogues about interesting, yoga-related topics. They take place every second week. This week, our Sangha question is:

“If we could design a yoga challenge for you, what would it be?”

Check out our Yoga Challenges page to get a sense of what a challenge can look like. Tell us details like:

  1. How long would it go for?
  2. What would the focus be?
  3. Would it be important to have classes that are a certain duration?
  4. What difficulty level?
  5. Which teachers would you like to include?
  6. How many times per week would you like to do a class?
  7. Would you like to incorporate guided meditations?

Just some initial thoughts… not given much thought to length/duration etc…

How about a yoga challenge for a particular form of yoga. E.g. learning the basics of vinyasa flow through to more improvers or advanced classes over a period. Fiji would be at the heart of that, but no doubt others ie. Rachel, Ron too.

Or, and suggesting in relation to my other topic… a yoga programme for men or another specific audience… I.e. sports person with a challenge they can incorporate within their fitness regime…

Final idea… a challenge for busy Mom’s who are short on time, so mainly short duration that I.e. focus on areas of particular interest to Mom’s. Such as building core strength, easing tension across upper body, allowing them to reclaim their identity. I know Sarah has some pre and post natal classes but this could be developed into a fuller challenge.

Hope that helps get the ball rolling!


Perhaps a flexibility challenge?


The Mom’s Challenge or a Pressed for time challenge sound like great ideas.


A 21 day flexibility challenge for beginners would be great. I would definitely do 4-5 days a week. Maybe classes include tips on alignment and releasing chronically tight muscles. Also meditation sessions on letting go of judgements and self-criticism would be very helpful during a flexibility challenge :slight_smile:


I think 21 days is great, I have attempted to complete a few of the 21 day challenges on here but unfortunately I only have about 30 minutes a day to practice and so some days I just can’t make it happen. I would love an intermediate 21 day in which the classes were 30 minutes or less. I do not mind what it focuses on but I do love the busy mom idea. Focusing on creating strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. I think you guys are doing an awesome job, as my kids get older I want to devote more time each day to my practice so I am hoping to revisit some of the challenges I have started.


Yes!!, I do Fiji’s 14 day challenge often because the classes range from 20-45 minute classes. This is doable for someone on a busy schedule. I also struggle with longer practices at home- prefer a longer class in a studio. I would love an intermediate challenge that is 21 days and focuses on mindfulness and strength with 30 minute classes. I think a challenge like this would be very popular with a diverse population.


An absolute beginner series that starts from scratch introducing yoga to those who are completely new to it. To cover all the basics such as props, why breath is important, styles of yoga etc.


Hello David et al

I’d love a hiker’s yoga class - especially catering for walkers with a heavy pack and steep hills. I am in training and would love some warm-ups, mid-walk stretches and cool downs esp targeting legs and upper back. I noticed I got a neck ache after my last training session. Many thanks for your varied and inclusive programme.

cheers, Deborah.


I was thinking more about a series of classes than a proper challenge. For me, a challenge is something that defies you, and I do not do yoga for this purpose. I want to grow in yoga, but I have enough challenges in my day, so I do yoga to restablish my balance.

I think 14 days or 21 days would be great, with classes around 30 to 45 minutes, or even and hour, and an intermediate level. I love all of you, teachers from doyogawithme :hugs:!

I have been reading the replies and there are lots of great ideas. I would like to add a series of classes for different moods or situations of your life, for example, when you are grieving, or when you have to make a difficult decision, or you are burnt off from work/life/family and need a new perspective, or when you are happy and have plenty of energy; or when you do not have energy at all; or you are feeling lost in this period of your life… And maybe you would not need to follow the order of the days, just choose the right one for you that day.

To be honest, I have not been able to follow a complete challenge, I use to mix the classes depending on how much time I have or how I feel (I try to figure out how is the class by the title)

Meditations along shorter classes would be great, anything to help me be mindful and calmer would do.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for this great community, I love you all. Namaste.


All of the suggestions which have been made so far seem great. As for my specific needs and level, I would love to see a 21-day challenge that works on transitioning from intermediate to advanced, with lots of strength, flexibility and balance work geared specifically to achieving this. It would also be great to integrate some pranayama and meditation, either in separate classes (maybe as an optional unit) or within the more asana-based classes, at the beginning, end, and/or even in the middle (i.e. breath of fire while holding poses).

As for length, I try to do an hour of yoga every day, and usually do it with DoYogaWithMe. Sometimes I do two shorter classes back to back. And of cours there are also days when I don’t have all that much time, so I can only do about 30 minutes. Maybe there could be a short and a long option for each day (a bit like the Transform Your Life 30-Day Yoga Challenge, which had both beginner and intermediate classes).

Thanks so much to everyone at DYWM for your wonderful classes and beautiful spirit, you are helping me transform my life.


I second the motion for a series of mood-based/situational classes! Right now I’m searching for something along the lines of “yoga for when you don’t really want to do yoga…” :sweat_smile: A group of classes similar to the focus of Rachel’s diva/hangover classes and Tracey’s motivation, love, boundaries, etc classes would be great.


Balance Challenge !!
5 weeks
Start where you’re at, or add a stability tool.

orrr…a 28 day lunar challenge.


I would like a series of yoga sessions focussed on the longer term recovery from injury. I have suffered a slipped disc twice now and am nervous of getting back into yoga for fear of causing problems again. I know you do sessions for sciatica etc which are lovely and gentle but I’m not sure where I would go with my practice after that.

I would love something that starts gently to ease me back into practice and continues to develop with a focus on protecting the spine and back muscles.


Hi. I have done a few of the yoga challenges and many many classes and I almost always do yoga in the morning, first thing. I feel that since the classes are not focused towards a specific time in the day (most of them at least) that most classes, especially intermediate to advanced do not take into consideration the fact that some of us are doing the classes as we ¨roll out of bed¨. I would love to see a morning challenge. The classes would be 40 mins or longer and would focus on warming up the body and flexibility within the intermediate/advanced level. My preferred teachers at these levels are Fiji, Crista, Rachel and Tracey but all are great. I love the classes with Crista´s mantras at the end or a long shavasana. I usually try and mediate after but if that is impossible with the mantras and shavasana I feel complete. Overall whatever you do or implement here will be beautiful and appreciated as DYWM has become a daily ritual, a cleanse and an all around positive activity that helps me start my day with a smile and a feeling of loving myself. Thanks


it would be great to have a yoga chalenge 30 minutes per day, up to 5 days/week up to a month with no meditations at an intermediate level. The focus would be for office workers…for example, core, hips strength. Thanks.

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Maybe one for renewing and restoring and realigning. It would be nice to include a chakra cleansing class and some classes on breathwork and meditation as well. Maybe 14-21 days long. Something that would leave us feeling very calm and nutured. Each class about 45 min long, with the last one being longer!

Thanks again for all you do for yoga and ultimately for humanity!!


It would be great to incorporate some cardio to help build stamina and help strengthen heart, lungs & sweat out toxins. I always make time for yoga but struggle to do additional cardio work, which is just as important for mind and body. Maybe a complicated almost dance flow, which is broken down over several days, with yin classes on the rest days.

An intermediate/advanced challenge for those whom are wanting to deepen their yoga practice by suggesting recommended reading material that could be integrated in with their daily yoga practice(30 mins practice, 30 mins reading)

A two/three day yoga immersion for individuals whom can’t afford the time or money to travel but could re create a similar setting in their own home. Suggestions of meal plans on these days & activities that would compliment the yoga practices, such as a walk in nature, swim & sauna. Good for people with some time off but need to stay at home or individuals needing time to heal from trauma, injury, surgery, grief or adrenal fatigue.


Awesome, people!!! Keep 'em coming! You’ve got my brain working hard! :slight_smile:

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I would absolutely love an all Crista Shillington challenge! She gets me into poses that I thought would be too difficult for me without me even knowing and she always makes me laugh/smile.