Sangha Session 14: “Which teacher would you like as your motivator and what would you like him/her to say?”

This community dialogue is all about motivation! We are busy building our 2019 New Year’s 30-Day Yoga Challenge and we want to find ways to motivate you to do your daily yoga practice.

We would like to help by recording motivational reminders that you can set as your alarm clock or as a notification on your phone. Here is the question::

“Who would you like as your motivator and what would you like him/her to say?”

Send us your ideas! Let’s have fun!

I love when Tracey says “stay for the exhale”. Somehow it always speaks to me and clears my head!

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David, I would like the chance to connect with him.

Pat Duffy

I feel like I relate to Fiji the most.


Rachel!! She’s straightforward, and not too flowery and wordy! She just seems real and down to earth to me and that to me is motivating in itself!

There all good! (But Fiji has the classic line, “If you can smile through chaturanga you can smile through anything”)


Ron Stewart comes across as a Mr Motivator… those deep inhales to draw in energy and awaken the body! Firing things up a bit, just when needed. Equally, Fiji when she’s ‘taking it up a notch’, or even ‘millimetre by millimetre seeing progression’.

Fiji Alpine motivates me the most :smiley:

Fiji, empower yourself by taking control of your day.

I love various teachers at DYWM, everybody is putting great energy. But I personally find Tracey a really insightful motivator. Her classes resonates most to me, she always brings in strong philosophical /mindful background, and themes to explore in depth. I am looking for more classes from her!

David! I became a lover of gentle yoga because of his teachings. I’d love to hear from him! :heart::honeybee::blonde_woman:t2:

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Thanks everyone. Sweet comments!

Can you help us with this…If you can imagine an alarm clock waking you up with your favorite teacher, what can you see them saying to you to get you to do your daily yoga practice?



Hi David

Apologies for my late reply.

I always feel motivated by many of Fiji’s words of positivity but none more so than in her Firefly pose: Arm Strength video: “I want you to be in this for the long haul, we need to have patience with our practice and I’ll be here for you, you just be here for me.”

These get me onto the mat every single day, no matter how blah I sometimes feel.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


Hi David

How about starting with the DYWM gong as the alarm call. Then a message that’s it’s Fiji o Clock, time to Rise & Shine with conviction as you ignite the fire from within and join me on the mat. Or something like that!

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David or Fiji please

If I were to have an alarm clock, it would probably be Crista Shillington saying something about sparkling fingers. It’s annoying and it’s so cute that I can’t help but laugh and stay motivated.

Another good one is Satiya’s “Breathe into your belly, into your diaphragm, and into your chest.” This sounds like a lovely way to remind my body that I want to do yoga.

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I love this idea! I personally love Melissa’s voice and guidance. Some positive statements that come to mind are:
-Be kind to yourself.
-Get out of your head and into your body.
-Show up for yourself.
-Set your intention.
-Just be.
-Notice how you feel.
-Check in with yourself.

I also hear Nicky saying “You deserve the love you give to others.”

I’m excited to see what you all come up with!

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Satiya. Her voice is like honey! She seems truly present in all of her classes and the loving kindness she projects is truly a gift. Thank you DYWM :heart:

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