Sangha Session 14: “Which teacher would you like as your motivator and what would you like him/her to say?”


Tracey or Rachel. I love their constructive comments during poses so I remember what to engage and what to relax. I would like to hear, ‘see you on the mat today’ as a motivator.


Thanks for the feedback, everyone. We recorded a bunch of audio tracks with me (David), Fiji, Crista and Rachel. Check them out on the following blog post:

Receive Inspirational Reminders From Our Teachers!

Let us know how you like them.

Happy New Year!



Hi David,
I love this idea - I was looking for some extra help getting out of bed early!
I think there’s a problem with Fiji Wake Up 4 - It seems to have two audio tracks superimposed? I wasn’t sure if this was on purpose to get my brain working!
And a couple are labelled incorrectly- Fiji 5 is a duplicate of Rachel 1 and Rachel 3 sounds like Crista?
Thank you for putting these together :grinning:


Hi Yvette. Glad you like the idea. :slight_smile:
Thanks for pointing those out. You are correct about the first two and I have fixed them. Feel free to download again. Rachel 3 is in fact Rachel, though. They both have a gorgeous voice so it’s easy to mistake one for the other!


I enjoy David’s calm, Tracey’s sweet encouragement (I too like hearing stay for the exhale). Kim Wilson is another of my favorite motivators. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious.


Thank you - I’ve just downloaded the updated version :grinning: