Sangha Session 16: "What is the biggest thing that you feel our site is missing, the one thing you wish we had?

  1. Instruction on modification/adaptation of all poses for bigger bodies (plus-size, muscular, stocky, etc.).
  2. Suggestions for complimentary classes based on a class you have selected.
  3. Store to purchase DYWM items. I’d like to have some swag. Really just a t-shirt or two to practice in.


Agree w/ reducing the quality - also have a poor rural internet connection and sometimes in the evenings when demand is high in our area I have a tough time streaming at all.


You have so many great classes, I have a hard time remembering if I’ve already tried one. The bookmark process is a little cumbersome for me.

As someone else mentioned “I would also personally love to see recommendations such as “if you liked this class, you might like…” or “other people who did this class also like”

I also like the advanced beginner classes I’m seeing. Maybe a few more and a way to search for them.

Great site, I recommend it all the time!


I have a couple of requests!

I would LOVE to have native casting ability for your classes. Presently, I cast them onto my television via Chromecast. Because I’m casting the whole screen, there is often playblack lag and jumps. Native casting ability would eliminate this.

I would also like to be able to see notes or at a minimum ratings for my saved classes without clicking on the individual class. Additionally, I would to be able to see if I’ve done a class or not. You have so many and I often can’t remember.

Thanks for the wonderful site.


I really love DYWM. Thank you for all your work. As a parent of young children on a budget your high quality, free and short classes are excellent for me. I would like to see classes for specific activities/sources of pain. For me examples would include canoeing, portaging, spinning wool, weaving, breastfeeding and child carrying. Also classes for feelings - either to wallow in or to make a change - for example anger or sadness. I also love the moontime class and would love to see a series related to the menstrual cycle. For example one for around ovulation.


Yes me too. I often think I would love to save this or remember this as a great wake up class or before bed class etc. An organised bookmark system would be great!


Yes! That was the first thing that came to my mind aswell!


I would like a program on the ayurvedic doshas and classes focusing on our different organs (kidneys, liver etc).


I wish that the Title/Headline of a series class included 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4 etc. I have difficulty figuring out the sequence of the series (i.e. Rachel Scott’s Bow Pose series) You have to click on each individual class description to find which class in the series it is. This would make it easier to get back to day after day when you’re doing the series.


I wish your site would accept Visa gift cards. I was given a Visa gift card for my birthday to subscribe. The site does not take gift cards.


Love the site, been coming since the early days. One thing that frustrates me is when I am searching through classes, and I get lots of the subscriber only courses which I can’t watch. I get that those are there to generate revenue, but if I know I can’t watch them, I’d rather not see them. I think something that would make me want to pay for them would be a curriculum subscription, as in if I want a sequence of courses I can pay some rate and get the full sequence - so pay once and come each day to my own personal curriculum, which is now “unlocked.” Does that make sense? The first course in the sequence could be free, then to continue you pay for the batch. I think a more personalized approach like this would get me back to the site more regularly, and would be more efficient with my time when I am on the site (instead of spending the first 10 minutes searching).

Also, although it sounds crazy, I’d also like a print-able yoga option to purchase. I could take that with my mat and then do yoga wherever without using any electronic devices. I have to memorize/make up the sequences currently when I do yoga outside of my house. Maybe as simple as screenshots with cues or pose names. But something we can print to use as a guide if we don’t want to use any electronic devices. Seems like it might help the low-bandwidth folks as well?


More classes, more instructors, more intermediate/advanced. More FREE classes as well. :slight_smile:
Thanks so much for everything. Life-changing site.


Links to classes when I click on Teacher Bios. Class pages still read: “All videos stream for free.Want to own this video?All prices in USD” above the download links. It would also be great to tag classes or poses by muscle group or include in descriptions so easier to search that way. Also into any more alignment cues or focus (helps in so many ways especially safety/avoiding injury and modifications), cheers!



as another spinner/knitter/weaver, I find David’s classes on “yoga for carpal tunnel” and “yoga for shoulder release” and similar titles very helpful. I do not have many problems yet though in the past few years I have noticed twinges when I spin or knit for long periods. I hope that practicing some of these classes regularly will help my hands and shoulders stay healthy and capable for a long time. Many of them are free.


Reduced quality scrubber option for videos please.
Otherwise this I love this site, thank you for creating it


Do you know what I would love to see on DYWM? A way to schedule classes for the week. So pick from any available class and add it to a day for the week on my profile, so I can plan ahead the classes I’ll be taking. And then have it start afresh each week, or something along those lines. That would be really helpful and would save me having to bookmark lots and search for classes each day.


Yes! So glad someone else requested this too :grinning: I replied before I read the other responses, oops.


I would like to suggest a technical adjustment: see the duration of a class in the search result (Now you see title, description, teacher, date and time posted and number of comments). The duration is often a criteria if I will do the class at the moment.
Thanks in advance!


I second the requests for body part of focus and time of day filters, as well as the “weekly schedule builder”! I’m not sure if this is possible, but it would be nice to track the classes you’ve done and possibly have a little star (or lotus!) system to help keep motivation.

I’d also love to see a larger catalogue of classes 60-90 minutes developed-- right now they are the least numerous on the site, but 75 minutes is my personal yoga sweet spot! I’m sure they take a lot to produce though, so an alternative that would be nice would be paired classes. That would give the option of completing them both together, one in morning/one at night, one a day, etc.


Hello, earlier in this thread I suggested the idea of a calendar for planning yoga classes. I am still a newbie but as I am coming up on three months of daily practice with this site, I find that I am using the class notes feature in my bookmarks more and more. It would be great to have a notes feature in the calendar as well, so that in addition to recording what class you did on which day, you could note anything about your practice that day that felt relevant. Possibly some option so that you could also view the calendar and notes in text like a series of journal entries. I hope this makes sense… I have many ideas for design but do not want to overburden the thread with too many details.

Thank you very much for this site, I am working on the “Energize your Body and Mind” challenge and it is definitely giving me lots to aspire to. I am so grateful I found this resource, many thanks to DYWM and all the wonderful teachers.