Sangha Session 17: "What daily habits/routines do you keep aside from yoga?"

Sangha sessions are community dialogues about interesting, yoga-related and sometimes personal topics. They take place every second week. This week, our Sangha question is:

“What daily habits/routines do you keep aside from yoga?"

What keeps you grounded? What helps you make it through a busy, stressful day? What regularly brings you relaxation and calm?

For the last 4 years I have been striving to formulate a daily routine. It has actually caused me more stress than benefit because aiming for a daily routine that includes everything I’d like to do is not achievable. So, I finally worked out that I feel much better when I let go of ‘daily’ and aim for ‘weekly’.

The only daily practice that I like to keep is setting the dinner table and sitting down to a no-distractions dinner with my fiance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I try to move my body every day even if it is just getting outside for a walk.

Each day I write down something I am grateful for. Most days I have more than one thing.

I strive to do something creative every day.

That said, I have also become more flexible as I get older… there are many things I would like to do every day, but the realities of working etc. make that impossible. I am now much more forgiving of myself when I miss a few days of my routine because of travel or a crunch time at work. Habits show their value when they are missed because of circumstance.


I walk, usually with a friend, 3 miles a day. Being outdoors, no matter the weather, always seems to complete my day.


Catching up on email when I saw this question.
I rise get refreshed:
Yoga for 1.5 hr.
Walk the dog a couple miles
Wash the body
30 min meditation
Time for the day to begin! :grin:

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I walk daily. Twice with my dog and as much as possible in the day. I also keep a sketchbook. I started sketching about 5 years ago following an online course, and now have 44 filled sketchbooks! I find capturing an image in my book really calming and grounding because I need to stand still, observe, and connect in order to do it. Sometimes just looking at my pocket sketchbook comforts me :slight_smile:

Walking my dog once a day. Cardio excercise twice a week. Daily 20’ meditation morning and aternoon :slight_smile:

For the last 6 months now I have been trying to write 3 pages every morning of just free flow writing. At first it was work and even a bit stressful and at times I don’t know what to put on the pages. Blank pages staring back at you can be very intimidating, ha ha. But now it is easy and I actually look forward to it. It is a huge release and prepares me with a more ¨clean mind¨ to start my day. After that I do my daily yoga class which is the reward to my writing and the icing on my morning routine cake.


I enjoy learning languages so each day, I use Duolingo for French, Spanish, and German. I am on Day 1372 of daily usage. I am only fluent in English, but I do have basic conversations in French and German with Skype friends who are learning English. I am on Day 157 with Elevate, an app with brain games.


For the past 60 days Ive done yoga every day (woohoo!). I do hope to continue this but feel it may be a better goal to do yoga every 2-3 days.

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-drinking green tea, choosing my mantra for the day and later reading newspaper in the train on my way to work

  • 10 min meditation on my way home from work
  • running / walking in the evening
  • reading something that inspires me in the evening…even if very very short
  • thinking of the positive things that happened during the day before falling asleep
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Great, the discussion is itself the more cooler way to express the thoughts of every hectic day. Being a freelance research paper writer it is quite hectic to get a little bit time for relaxation. In that case I do daily mediation before starting my day and also at the end, try to spent at least minimum time with close people, which brings serenity within my inner turmoil.