Sangha Session 23: “Are you planning to make any big life changes in 2020?”

A cleanse, more exercise, a stronger, more flexible body… what are you looking to improve on? On the other hand, perhaps you’re perfectly happy the way you are and your new year’s resolution is to do everything you can to keep your life from changing!

Tell us about your plans for 2020!

I will be entering a challenging 2020 with chemo and radiation. I would like your suggestions to help keep and increase my energy flow with some emphasis to keep the extremities, hand and feet warm. Meditation for mind calming is a must too. I have been practicing Hatha yoga for many years. With chemo, I have been forewarned will affect my energy level. Any guidance and advice from you? Thank you. AnnaS

Hello AnnaS.

Wow, that is a challenging 2020 Anna. I realize we can’t do much to prevent the discomfort of chemo and radiation, but I hope you can get through it and come out the other side feeling ok. We do have quite a few meditations and classes that can help you. Have you checked out our Meditations page? I have guided meditations that are specific to cancer, as well as many relaxation, mindfulness and anxiety-related meditations.

If you choose ‘Yoga for Anxiety/Stress’ under ‘Style’ you can find a lot of classes that would be helpful. Check them out here.

Keep in touch. Let me know how it’s going.

Take care,


Thank you David. I just renewed my subscription for next year and will check out the Meditations and Yoga for Anxiety/Stress. I so enjoy your classes. Wishing you the best in the New Year. AnnaS

In 2020, I want to ditch the alcohol out of my diet. I have worked so hard this year on becoming plant based and increasing my strength and fitness, alcohol is the last thing getting in my way.
I also want to publish my book.

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Wow, great things to strive for Susan!

I plan to continue working on my fitness and continuing my shift towards more of a plant-based protein lifestyle. I had gastric bypass surgery a year ago, and it’s changed my life for the better, as has yoga, which I started doing 7 months ago through Do Yoga With Me.

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Hi Susan! Do you want a buddy to do this with on 2020? I too have began on a plant based journey (2 months in) and have done a lot to increase my strength and flexibility due to a stenosis of the spine diagnosis. If I want to be able to do the things I want to do in life I have to be strong! Only thing left now for me is to ditch the alcohol and I’d love to have a ‘buddy’! You can pm me on Facebook! Sandy Wallin

I am four and half months in on a one year no alcohol challenge, i have been a vegetarian for 50years and i want to to move towards a plant based diet. Although i have been a runner for 40years i have never done a half marathon and i want to do the great north run the bigest half marathon in the world. I started meditation 5months ago and have not missed a day so want to continue through the the year. I will continue with daily yoga practice. Not bad for a lady of 62.


Wow! Amazing! Yes, not bad for a lady of 62 alright! :slight_smile:

I am not planning any big changes this year, and you know what the universe usually has to say about that :rofl:

Last year I started an almost-daily yoga practice and I want to continue that in the coming year. My flexibility has increased and I am learning a lot about patience by showing up on my mat every day. Thank you, DYWM, for making this possible. I have learned so much from this site and from the various teachers I have “met” through their classes here. This resource has helped me deal with grief, loneliness, depression, and bodily aches and pains. I am so very grateful for the work you do to provide instruction. Thank you, and may you all be greatly blessed in the coming year.


Hi David. I’ve just retired at the end of 2019 and plan to really focus on my health and fitness through 2020 and beyond. I have just renewed my subscription and am aiming for a daily practice. I’m also hoping to spend a lot more time in nature, get some veggies growing and do some more bird watching.

To be kinder. I want to be less stressed and not have my work consume me. I want to be kinder and more patient to those I love as they can oftentimes be my emotional dumping ground.

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