Yoga for breast cancer

My elder sister is suffering from breast cancer that caught a couple of weeks ago. She is in stage 2 and now often stays irritated and looses her temper even in littlest of things. She wasn’t like this before, but was really calm and jolly. But due to the recent cause she is definitely struggling mentally which is also effecting her kids and husband. I read before through a service that once used to write my essay for me that practicing gentle yoga can be helpful in tackling with anger, depression, fatigue, anxiety and discomfort. At this point of time there is no big surgery, only meds and multiple tests.

My fitness care was gym before practicing yoga, so I am pretty new with poses and it’s effectiveness. I seek here names of some light yoga poses that can be beneficiary for my sister.
Thank you.

Yoga would be a wonderful addition at this time as it works on mind and body. Melissa Kriger has some lovely hatha flow classes that are perfect for those starting to incorperate the healing power of yoga into their lives.


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