Sangha Session 3: “Where did you first hear about DYWM?”


This is our third Sangha Session, which are community dialogues about interesting, yoga-related and sometimes personal topics. They take place every second week. This week, our Sangha question is:

“Where did you first hear about DYWM?”


Honestly, I can’t remember…I was overseas, and looking for a yoga practice in English, not the language of the country I was in, as I wanted to be able just to dive in, not think in case I missed a word or two…so, I guess searching on the internet…

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I was tired of going to the gym, driving round and round the car park, getting stressed out and missing my class or being so late there is no room on the floor for you. Warming up on the treadmill, only to have to line up and wait for a machine, as a muscle bound egomaniac grunted and puffed his way through his sets.
Sorry, still remember how stressful it was. I started looking online for yoga videos, I was discouraged at the amount of half naked females, posing as yoga teachers but making it into something…else.
I found a blog where a guy was asking, 'Does anyone know where you can find a serious yoga site that has male teachers. Interested, I followed the link.
I found DYWM, I have never looked back and I don’t believe I will. There is just so much on offer that can fit into whatever I might be feeling or whatever time I have.
I can’t thank you enough for existing.


I found DYWM a number of years ago when I was looking for something to help me sleep. I found the Yoga Nidra for Sleep on the meditations page and LOVED it. It helped me immensely and I’ve recommended it countless times over the years. Much later, I was looking for some online yoga classes so I could practice in the comfort of my own home. When I started searching, my computer kept trying to show me the Yoga Nidra page, which I initially found frustrating, but then - light bulb. The name of the website where my special sleepy-time lady was, was called, “Do Yoga With Me!” I don’t know how that escaped my notice all that time, but alas, it had. At any rate, it was an a-ha moment, and I’ve been visiting ever since, and have even got my boyfriend in on it (did a 30 day challenge with him in Jan 2017, and he was hooked - we practice together every day now).
Thank you all, truly, from the bottom of my heart.
Caroline K., Los Angeles

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On Facebook in one of my vegan groups. I had done yoga before, with a series of dvds from Yoga Zone, which were good but after a while I got bored doing the same moves over and over again. And I drifted away. But I did miss it so when I saw someone posted about a 30 day program starting up I was interested and tried it. I love I can try new ones, decide what I need and go from there. I had never done yin yoga before and found that I absolutely love it. And it’s nice that there are plenty of short practices for those days when I’m pressed for time. I now do yoga almost every day and I must admit I feel so much better when I do it. And I love discovering new classes constantly. I also now recommend this site to anyone who asks about a good online yoga program.

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In March/April 2018 I did a 26 day yoga instructor training at Yandara in Baja Mexico. Another student told me about DYWM, so I am a newcomer to your site. Thank you for your videos and for your sincere desire to spread yoga to the world.

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Interestingly enough, an article in the Wall Street Journal a couple of years ago. I had done some YouTube sessions to supplement classroom sessions, especially since I travel frequently I needed something while away. DYWM was featured. Checked it out, it had a plethora of videos and was free (I subscribed soon afterward).

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I believe sometimes between 2014 and 2015, I was browsing the net looking for yoga practices available online. I came across DoYogaWithMe and I thought the name is simple and felt so inviting. As I explored further, I was hooked forever! I was fascinated by David’s instruction that was clear and precise. My husband and I are both addicted to DYWM as it has changed our life. I can’t wait to experience the changes that will be coming along as we continue our practice. Thank You! Bindu

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I can’t recall precisely, quite possibly via a Facebook post. I was attending yoga classes at a beautifully appointed studio in a German village, where morning classes were disappointing & I was losing my flexibility & strength. I needed to find classes which offered more variety & advancement & help with sustaining a weekly practice as we were travelling a lot. The disruption has been challenging but DYWM has helped enormously.

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In 2012 I was training for my first and only marathon and googled “yoga for runners” as my mileage started increasing to look for ways to stretch and avoid injury. I came across Fiji’s yoga for runners in the search results. It was exactly what I needed. I bookmarked the site and came back to it from time to time with a goal of developing a regular yoga practice. That is still a goal but I think I am getting closer to it.

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Great feedback everyone! This means a lot to us. Thank you for taking the time. :slight_smile:


My yoga teacher in Tasmania, Australia recommended it for dipping into away from the studio. And I haven’t looked back. Keep up the good work, especially new classes targeting specific areas and age groups etc. Not that I’m feeling my age after doing your classes!!

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Three years ago, when we were about to start lunchtime classes at my employers. I had dabbled with other online yoga sites, but always struggled to find classes I enjoyed. My colleague recommended DYWM to me - i think the 1st class I did was one of Melissa’s, probably Bend & Stretch. Before long, it was on repeat at our lunch classes and me/colleagues were hooked. The wide variety of classes, teachers, class length, complexity were most appealing. I used to love trying out new classes at home, then sharing them with others.

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Mine is a similar story! Many many moons ago…definitely years ago - I remember there were only a few classes to choose from (many of them still my favourites). I was travelling a huge amount for work and wanted something meaningful but that could be completed in a hotel room. I’d picked up a yoga book in an airport and wanted to find out more… so I Googled! I found a few websites but all needed financial commitment and I wasn’t sure what I was going to enjoy without trying it first. So I kept looking and eventually found DYWM…I think I used it for about a week and then started to subscribe! I loved that it was free to all those who either couldn’t afford it or (like me) wanted to try it out first. It’s an ethos I totally believe in and I love the quality of instruction and range of styles. I now recommend it to pretty much anyone who’ll listen!!
Thank you :slight_smile:

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I had stopped practicing years ago when the classes I was attending at a local gym got unbearably crowded (the instructor was great, so it was understandable). Instead of yoga I climbed regularly and did cardio on my own or occasionally through a class. Over a year ago I decided I needed something new with my routine and started looking for yoga courses via my roku (nothing I liked), and stumbled upon DYWM. I participated for a couple of months using the free videos then jumped on board with a yearly donation. Thank you so much for being there!

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I first heard about DYWM on a site called I am so, so glad I did and so thankful to Liz for sharing the site. I can’t imagine what I’d do without it now :slight_smile: It was that perfect timing - it’s exactly what I was looking for :heart_eyes:

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I’m not sure how I found DYWM a few years ago, but I remember how I “re-found” it a month ago. After using the free videos occasionally for probably about two years, I remembered DYWM while I was sick and unable to go to Power Yoga and Barre Pilates studio classes. Watching, but not doing, the DYWM videos helped me stay in touch with yoga and decide to try a 30-day Yoga Challenge. I hope to continue using DYWM every day while fitting in one or two Barre Pilates studio classes each week. Since I’m impressed with the high quality of the DYWM videos, I may only go to a studio yoga class occasionally.

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I’m quite sure I found a link on the Popsugar website. Haven’t looked back since!

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